Delphi University Application for Enrollment

For new students enrolling in In-Depth Channeling, Inner Sanctuary Training, and/or the Connecting With Spirit - Holistic Healing Program
Instructions and Information
We welcome you to Delphi. We want to make the enrollment process as easy as possible. You will need to complete this registration form only once. If you have any questions about registration, please call 1-888-335-7448.

This application consists of 5 pages.

1 - Your contact information.
2 - Vocational section, class selection, travel information.
3 - More information about yourself and your goals.
4 - **Deposit options to secure your place in the class you will choose.
5 - *Upload your photo (optional, but recommended) & Submit Button

*Optional -- Before you begin, prepare a small photograph of yourself (head shot recommended approx. 480 pixels, Width or Height) and have it stored on your computer to upload when you reach that section.

** Page 4 provides you with a choice of entering payment information. Delphi will place a deposit on the card to hold your place in your chosen class. You may also mail-in your deposit. Make your choice when you reach this section.

On page 5, you can review the form and upload your photo (if you so choose). Once you upload your photo you must click the submit button. You will not be able to go back and make any changes. If you don't upload a photo, just click the Submit button.

Your personal information is sent over a secured connection. We take great care in keeping all of your personal information safe and secure.
1. Personal Information
Full Name

Current Address