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Delphi University Spiritual Study CenterDelphi is a university of higher learning providing comprehensive Spiritual Training. We offer numerous Certification Courses, and Practitioner, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate level degree programs in a full range of Spiritual Training and Studies including Energy Healing, Metaphysics, Alternative & Complementary Healing, Channeling, Medical Intuitive, Mediumship, Psychic Training & Development, RoHun™ Transpersonal Psychology and Psychospiritual Therapies, Integrative Medical Therapies, Ancient Mystery School Teachings, and Spiritual and Intuitive Training & Development. Our training is experiential and our teachings are delivered in love, wisdom, and fun. Please see our curriculum plan for a complete listing of our courses and programs.

Equally important, Delphi is also a magical place of personal growth, self-enlightenment and self-realization, and a beautiful spiritual retreat center dedicated to the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Founded by Patricia Hayes in 1974, Delphi is the place for those seeking to discover, develop, refine and express their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, as well as to more fully know, empower, and heal themselves. The combination of our unique and experiential training programs, small class sizes, the combined experience of our exceptional staff of instructors and healers, the beautiful natural environment here, and the high spiritual energies that operate at Delphi allow students to accelerate their spiritual development and their personal growth and healing, as well as having deep and meaningful spiritual experiences. Delphi is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the states of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina meet, high in the heart of nature and surrounded by a rushing whitewater river. Our beautiful natural surroundings provide the perfect environment where your spirit can find itself, and soar to new heights and new possibilities, and your intention and hopes can find fulfillment.

We welcome and invite you to discover and develop your true and greatest potential here at Delphi University. You will gain a greater awareness and understanding about Spirit and Self, more fully and reliably develop and express your spiritual gifts and abilities, and learn to bring healing to yourself and others. If you would like to know more about Delphi University and our certification and degree programs, and how to enrich your life as a spiritual healer, intuitive counselor, psychic reader, spiritual psychotherapist, as a teacher and class facilitator, or simply for your own personal growth, knowledge, and development, please email us at registrar@delphiu.com, or contact the Delphi offices toll free at 1-888-335-7448 for more information.

Delphi University
Schools of Healing
Degree & Certification Programs
Arthur Ford School of Mediumship & Psychic Development
Patricia Hayes School of Healing & Metaphysics
RoHun™ Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Entura Spiritual Art Institute

Delphi University Healing Schools Overview

Delphi Vogel Crystal Healing ComplexAt Delphi, the structure and order of one's spiritual awakening and development is clearly understood. Our unique and exceptional staff of instructors has come together with one purpose: to help and guide others who are searching for greater love, greater light, and greater meaning in their lives. At Delphi our classes meet three times per day instead of once a week, which means a greater focus, concentration, and practical accomplishment. Our small class size and experiential training help to ensure that students have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty on a one-to-one basis, as they learn to open, develop, and reliably use their spiritual gifts and abilities.

Delphi University CampusAll courses of study at Delphi begin with In-Depth Channeling Training from the Arthur Ford School of Mediumship, the foundation course at Delphi. Developing one's channeling abilities is one of the key fundamentals to all forms of spiritual practice and expression. In our intensive 7-day In-Depth Channeling Course you will learn how to develop, refine, and enhance your psychic and spiritual abilities, and become a clear channel of love, light, and healing. After completion of In-Depth Channeling, students can elect to pursue the Metaphysician Studies offered by the Patricia Hayes School, the RoHun™ Therapy Studies offered by the RoHun™ Institute, or both. Many students begin their work at Delphi with Inner Sanctuary Training or with the Connecting with Spirit Personal Holistic Healing Program before taking In-Depth Channeling. Delphi is a spiritual haven and the perfect environment for those who are seeking to develop their channeling skills and healing abilities, gain a greater understanding of God and self, and who are committed to their own personal growth and healing.

Delphi is a spiritual haven and the perfect environment for those who are seeking to develop their spiritual skills and healing abilities, gain a greater understanding of God and self, and who are committed to their own personal growth and healing. Our students typically take one to three courses in sequence and then return home to integrate and practice their skills before continuing their studies with us. The experiential and interactive methods, training programs, and therapies taught by Delphi are unique and powerful and are being used by spiritual counselors, readers, and healing professionals worldwide. Your stay at Delphi will be filled with love, healing, inspiration, fun, and enlightenment. Delphi is a place where students become teachers and create a world of harmony, compassion, wisdom, and love.

Delphi University consists of 4 schools of study:

In-Depth Channeling • The Arthur Ford School of Mediumship
Inspired by the famous psychic Arthur Ford who delivered the Harry Houdini message from the other side, The Arthur Ford School is the school of Channeling, Mediumship, Psychic Training, Spiritual Counseling, and Intuitive Development.

Metaphysician Overview • The Patricia Hayes School of Metaphysics and Healing
The School of Light, Metaphysics, Spiritual Training, Energy Healing, Enlightenment Training, Esoteric Studies, Holistic & Spiritual Healing, and Complementary & Integrative Medicine. The Patricia Hayes School at Delphi is the School of Healing, Metaphysics, and Spiritual Training where you will learn multiple forms of Energy Healing, Advanced methods of Channeling, Breathing, and Meditation, Ancient Mystery Teachings, Spiritual Anatomy, Light Energization™, and much more.

RoHun™ Studies Overview • The RoHun™ Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
The School of Transpersonal Psychology and RoHun™ Transformational Spiritual Psychotherapy and Self-Enlightenment Processes. The RoHun™ Institute is the School of Transpersonal Psychology and the miraculous and transformative process and system of RoHun™ Transformational Spiritual Psychotherapy and Self-Enlightenment Processes.

Entura Spiritual Art • The Entura Spiritual Art Institute -The Entura Institute offers unique training in channeling spiritual energies, information, and wisdom through spiritual art.

Delphi Curriculum. All students who complete a course of study at the school receive certification in that course of study (most courses). The Arthur Ford Academy offers certification in Mediumship. The Patricia Hayes School and the RoHun™ Institute each offer Practitioner, Masters, and Doctorate level certifications after successful completion of the respective course requirements. Upon completion of the applicable Metaphysician and RoHun™ studies, Delphi University offers a Bachelor of Science B.S. Degree in Metaphysical Healing, a Master of Science M.S. in Transpersonal Psychology, and a Doctor of Science Ph.D in Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies.

Upon completion of the applicable course requirements the Entura Art Institute offers certification as an Entura Artist, a Bachelor of Arts Degree B.A. in Transpersonal & Psychospiritual Arts, and a Master of Arts M.A. in Transpersonal Healing Art Therapies

Delphi is a Greek word that means "spiritual womb". The natural beauty of Delphi is as magnificent and pleasant as the rushing white waters that surround us or the beauty and majesty of the nature that cradles and inspires us. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina come together on the map, the natural surroundings of Delphi have their own unique ability to heal and inspire. We know that nature's beauty and a feeling of relaxed comfort are essential to the soul that is here to create greater light, love, wisdom, and healing in our world. We welcome and invite you to discover and develop your true and greatest potential here at Delphi. You will gain a greater awareness and understanding about Self and Spirit, more fully and reliably develop your spiritual gifts and abilities, and learn to bring healing to yourself and others. If you would like to know more about Delphi University and our certification programs, and how to enrich your life as a spiritual healer, intuitive counselor, and/or spiritual psychotherapist, please call the Delphi offices at 1-888-335-7448, or email us at registrar@delphiu.com for more information.

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A Spiritual Womb and Retreat

Delphi In the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, Delphi is a Center for Transformation, Renewal, and Higher Order Agendas. The term Delphi means "Spiritual Womb," the same as the center for wisdom and prophecy in ancient Greece. And just like our Greek counterpart, the contemporary Delphi is a place of high spiritual energy, a spiritual womb of the Divine where students refine and express their spiritual gifts and abilities, develop spiritual wisdom, capability, and insight, and have high mystical experiences. The contemporary Delphi is located on and surrounded by a beautiful whitewater river, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the three states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee come together on the map.
One hundred and eighty acres of heaven on earth, Delphi is a spiritual haven for anyone who is searching for the most innovative and effective methodologies in spiritual and intuitive development, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysical and holistic healing therapies.

Our unique credential giving Certification and Degree Programs and Quality Practical Training Programs make Delphi a resource capital for individuals seeking to heal themselves, to help others, and to begin their own private practice as a spiritual and intuitive counselor, a holistic healer and practitioner, a metaphysician, and/or a RoHun™ therapist.

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Vision and Mission

Delphi Our Mission is and has been to create and establish a center of higher learning, a University of the Spirit, whose innovative and time-proven methods enable students to experience new standards of living through the unfolding and expression of their own inner powers, enabling them to reach much higher levels of awareness, spiritual understanding and capability.

Delphi is a place where students become teachers, and create love, understanding and healing in our world.

Our Vision is a world of peace where cooperation, rapport, and abundance replace the chaotic state of competitive stagnation and selfish accumulation. We envision a world whose leaders access their inner resources, and influence and bring forth the balance and inspiration our changing world needs.

Our Intention is a future where we use our innate wisdom, inspired minds, and creative hearts to access our inner resources, transform crisis to peace, and help bring love and harmony into all areas of human behavior and endeavor.

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Five Keys to Delphi

The Heart of Delphi is its charm. Delphi knows that beauty and a feeling of relaxed comfort is essential to the soul that is here to create greater light in our world. From the rose bud found beside each down comforted bed to the many outdoor decks that support us in our rightful place near the stars, Delphi enfolds each person that comes here in the warmth of loving light. The Truth of Delphi lies in the mystery of the Spirit. Delphi's charm is everyone's charm. Love never fails. "Delphi feels like my spiritual home that is far away and that I've longed for', and "I feel like I'm home", is a phrase expressed by many.

Delphi's Purpose
Intention is the seed and the blueprint of the ripened fruit. Delphi in all its beauty stands as a Beacon of Light, a Lighthouse that continually calls all of those that are here with a spiritual purpose. When they come, Delphi lovingly awakens their spiritual memory and gently guides them to their direction and abilities. Delphi's special gift is nourishing, strengthening, and empowering each individual, according to his or her spiritual abilities, with in depth skills that are able to touch the hearts and minds of the many.

The Nature of Delphi
From the sound of the flowing white water that encircles Delphi, to the rustling of the many leaves that form halos around our friends the trees: from the symphony of birds and crickets and the grace and beauty of the multi-colored butterflies, to the smallest ant that silently fulfills its purpose, there is an acceptance, admiration and a sense of awe for all things just as they are. The nature of Delphi has its own unique ability to heal and to inspire loving values and high priorities, and is respected and loved by all.

The Order of Delphi
At Delphi, the structure and order of ones spiritual awakening is clearly understood. Each class and program guides the initiate with gentle strength to the next step, the next awakening, the next ability to emerge. Each class honors every individual for being there, and recognizes that quality not quantity nourishes the brilliance of each spirit and the genius within each mind. Each class group, carefully chosen in number, moves each student with accelerated speed and intensity of purpose towards greater self awareness. The mystery of Self is revealed, as are all its loving abilities and skills to help ourselves and others. Every class is a totally unique adventure.

The Shepherd's Staff of Delphi
Each member of the teaching and managerial staff feels a spiritual bond with one another and have come together to bring their unique and special abilities to radiate a greater light into our world. The best in their field, they bring to Delphi the benefits of their many years of experience and practical application in helping others. All are diamonds continually polishing and expanding the many facets of their light, as they help others to do the same. 

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Delphi Founders

Delphi Founders This dream has been fulfilled by the formation of Delphi University which has a curriculum based upon sound energy and psycho-spiritual principles, and provides the expertise and the accompanying certifications and degrees upon completion. The programs of study demonstrate the applicability and viability of combining intuitive training, psycho-spiritual therapies, and metaphysical healing and wisdom into a highly effective system of holistic healing, spiritual understanding, and personal empowerment. Using the most innovative methods and experiential training, Delphi students and graduates are able to begin their own private practices as Healers, Readers, Therapists, Counselors, Life Coaches, and Holistic Practitioners.

Patricia Hayes founded the Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics in 1964 and has educated thousands of students worldwide in the areas of Intuitive and Spiritual Development, Energy Healing, Transpersonal Psychology, Metaphysics, Ancient Mystery Teachings, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies. In 1974, under the guidance and direction of Spirit, and with her husband Marshall Smith, she founded Delphi University, and in 1984 she founded the RoHun™ Institute. Delphi University has certified Practitioners, Therapists, Masters, and Doctors of Healing practicing in over 20 different countries. Patricia is an international speaker, lecturer, teacher, and author who has appeared on many major television programs including Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries, Unexplained Mysteries and Strange Universe. She also headed the psychic investigation of the Queen Mary, and she is the author of six books: "Intuitive and Spiritual Development", "Know Yourself", "How to Conduct a Sèance", "The Gatekeeper", "The Extension of Life" which she co-authored with her husband, Marshall Smith, "The Adventures of Prince Abba and Magi Patiput", and her Entura Spiritual Art masterpiece "Light from the Heavens". Marshall Smith is the author of Spiritual Anatomy I and II, which have become the bible of Spiritual Anatomy, the Human Energy System, and the evolution of the human/spiritual form.

Patricia and Marshall established the current Delphi University and Retreat Center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia in 1985. Marshall is a retired Vice President and Corporate Officer of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. He specializes in alternative medicine and healing, and is a noted healer, speaker, lecturer, teacher, and author. His love and life's interest lies in the study of spiritual anatomy.

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Delphi Directors

Delphi Directors Kimberly Hayes Curcio and Charles Paul Curcio

Delphi DirectorsKimberly Hayes Curcio has been a gifted psychic since she was a small girl. Throughout her life she has worked extensively with her mother and Delphi University Founder Patricia Hayes, helping to channel, develop, and expand the methods and the processes used at Delphi University. A rare and unique spirit, Kimberly is a gifted teacher, counselor, and healer, and is the author of "Man of Light", the story of her life with her late husband, Mauricio Panisset, who had the gift of "Light Phenomen" that he used in his healing work. Kimberly continues this work today, training others in the Light Energization™ technique along with many other courses and channeling methods she teaches at Delphi. Kimberly is also the producer of the new film, "Man of Light, a Manifestation of Miracles", a chronicle on the life of Mauricio Panisset and other famous healers like Alex Orbito, Doctor Geddes, and John of God. Kimberly is married to Delphi Director Charles Curcio.

Charles Paul Curcio has been a gifted healer since he was a young boy. He began his spiritual studies as a young man and used these principles to become a successful entrepreneur and self-made man. Charles is the founder and former CEO of Tire Kingdom. In 1996 he retired from his business to devote his life fully to healing, teaching, and service to God. In his work as a director and instructor at Delphi, Charles teaches healing and metaphysics, and has taught and introduced many new alternative healing therapies including Color and Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Sacred Language, and Laser Crystal Surgery. Charles is also the author of The New Day, An Autobiography, Entrepreneur's Guide, and Spiritual Primer. Charles and his wife Kimberly are Directors of the Church of Wisdom, and are the builders of the beautiful Temple of Wisdom Complex at Delphi.

Delphi Directors Kelly Hayes

Delphi Directors Kelly Hayes has been with Delphi since its inception in the sixties as The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship in Miami, Florida. When she was 17 years of age, she took over the full responsibility for food preparation and catering for the school. Kelly has been an important contributor to the school's development: first in Miami, then in opening expanded teaching centers in Durham, North Carolina and Cumming, Georgia, and finally to the school's current location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. In 2003, Kelly assumed the responsibilities as Director of Administration for Delphi University. Kelly is responsible for day to day operation of the school. In addition to her many responsibilities at Delphi, she also manages a busy home with her husband Bobby. Kelly is also an accomplished stained glass artist and is the creator of the magnificent and inspirational stained glass windows in the Temple of Wisdom, Temple of Light, and around the Delphi campus.

Delphi Staff Members

Delphi Staff Member Linda GriffithLinda Griffith - Born a sensitive and a visionary, Linda Griffith is a graduate of Delphi University and a Doctor of RoHun™. She has spent her entire life on the spiritual path, with over forty years of experience assisting and guiding others to discover their true selves. According to Linda, her greatest enjoyment is to help people on their spiritual paths and to participate in and watch the transformation of those who come here to Delphi.

Since 1985 Linda has worked on the staff of Delphi University, teaching numerous courses including In Depth Channeling, Metaphysician, and RoHun™ studies to name but a few. She is a co-creator of Emotional Literacy, a spiritual development course for adults and children, a certified Voyager Tarot Consultant and Life Coach, a certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and a director of Delphinia, a spiritual summer camp for youth.

Delphi Janice Hayes is a master teacher, Doctor of RoHun™ therapy, and a modern mystic, who has been working in the field of spiritual development since 1973. One of the original members of the Arthur Ford Academy, Janice is finely attuned to the spiritual dimensions of Light while serving as a down-to-earth teacher of spirituality, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysics. Her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are highly developed. Using her gifts of humor, love, clarity, and wisdom, she guides her students into their inner world and celebrates with them as they make leaps in consciousness.

The founder of Lightworks, a highly successful company providing spiritual workshops and classes in California, Janice moved to McCaysville, Georgia in 1997, bringing her teaching skills and intuitive talents to Delphi University. At Delphi, Janice brings a high level of devotion and dedication to her classes in both the Metaphysician and RoHun™ educational pathways. She also facilitates both RoHun™ and Yhandi's Inner Light therapies, and is an excellent intuitive reader and spiritual counselor. Janice is also the editor of Delphi's Healing Arts Journal. Her meditation CD, Journeys in the Garden of the Heart is changing lives, bringing healing and spiritual awakening around the world. Janice is also the author of Ro-Hun™ Therapy The Greatest Transformational Process of Our Time, a source book that explains the miracle of RoHun™ Therapy.

Delphi Staff Judy PotterJudy Potter has been a pioneer in spiritual consciousness development and training for more than thirty years. Her presentations are rich and diverse, blending metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and spirituality in a unique and powerful way. Her methodized workshops are filled with love, humor, wisdom, and personal anecdotes, insights, and practical exercises for personal and professional transformation.

One of the original members of the Arthur Ford Academy, Judy has served for many years on the staff of Delphi University. She teaches intuitive and spiritual development, metaphysics, complementary and alternative healing therapies, RoHun™ Transpersonal Psychology and much more. She is a Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy and a Yhandi Inner Child Rescue facilitator. Judy is also an incredible healer, intuitive reader and counselor, and astrologer.


Delphi Staff Evi BudhitresnoEvi Budhitresno Since she was a young girl, Evi Budhitresno's passion has been helping others to heal and feel better about themselves. Born in Indonesia, Evi grew up in Singapore and the United States, where she experienced diverse cultures, including many spiritual belief systems, and healing methods of the East and the West. Evi holds a bachelor's degree in business from the University of South Florida. Her thirst for knowledge of alternative healing led her to Delphi University when she has earned a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology & Alternative Medical Therapies. She will also receive her Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist degree in January 2016. Besides being an accomplished healer, Evi is also a Trance Channel. She teaches Entura Spiritual Art classes and the Self-Enlightenment Correspondence program, as well as various workshops. She also has a private practice in Duluth, GA. Evi has been practicing alternative healing since 1990. Her focus is on her client's well-being, her passion is to help others, and her greatest joy is when she sees permanent transformation in each individual that she touches through her healing, counseling, and teaching.


Delphi Staff Elizabeth HoodElizabeth Hood is a Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy and holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Delphi University. Elizabeth is the founder of East of Eden Wellness Services in Marietta, Georgia, and author of The Ascension Device: An Accelerated Path to Enlightenment. She is a spiritual counselor, transpersonal psychotherapist, and alternative healing practitioner, as well as an accomplished public speaker, artist, and teacher. A certified Entura Spiritual Art instructor, she teaches Entura Art classes at Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia. Learn more about Elizabeth, her background, and her services at Eoeden.com

Nancy Smith -  A native of Winston-Salem, N.C., Nancy Smith joined our staff in 2003 and brings to us an aware voice from traditional medicine. A pharmacist for the past 22 years, most of it spent in the hospital setting, Nancy has the unique perspective of one who stands simultaneously in both the allopathic and metaphysical worlds. Her hope is that our medical community will recognize our spiritual nature and the metaphysical community will learn to speak the language of medicine. Nancy has spent the last two decades crisscrossing and weaving healing and understanding between these worlds as a massage therapist and Reiki Master, a Doctor of RoHun™ and RoHun™ instructor, a student of Tae Kwon Do, a pharmacist and hospital pharmacy director, a stress management teacher, poet, pianist, pilot, mother and wife.

Clarity and insight are her strengths, and she uses these gifts as a RoHun™ instructor to help students cut through the veils of deception and find their true selves. This focused attention and intention gives her students the support to go within in purposeful and miraculous ways. Nancy desires to bring spirit into matter, merging the mind and heart, giving purpose and meaning to her lives and the lives of the students. She lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia with her husband Steve.

Delphi Staff Audrey DelahuntAudrey Delahunt An accomplished healer and Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy, Audrey Delahunt brings years of practical experience and accomplishment to our Delphi staff and family. She is a graduate of Delphi University and holds a Doctor of Science PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies. Audrey is deeply committed to her healing work and helping others. She has a deep, abiding faith in the potential of each human being, and one of her most gratifying experiences is to watch her clients blossom through the work they accomplish together.

Audrey teaches numerous classes and workshops at Delphi, including many of our Connecting with Spirit Weekend Retreat Workshops. She is also the Director of the Luminara Wellness Center at Delphi.

Additional Teaching Staff Member:
Steve Smith

Delphi Administrative Staff Members:
Facility Maintenance and Repairs - Pat McDonald, Shane Tipton
Food Service - Charee Shubert, Danielle Tipton
Hospitality Director -Nikki Valla
Housekeeping - Lazaro Sanchez

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Delphi Concord

Delphi Delphi is a Greek word that means Spiritual Womb. From within the spiritual womb of all of us comes forth the expression of love and healing.

The triangle represents The One and the many aspects of The One. When we express our love and healing, we take our place at the Apex of the triangle, and join with all others are at it's base, serving to anchor the love and healing energy into the physical dimension.

The Circle represents all of us joined in an Eternal Circle of Light as Keepers of the Light on the physical dimension.

As the strength of our oneness and our triangle intensifies, our circle increases, strengthening the power of our triangle as our love and healing energies bond together as true expressions of The One!

The fabric of our symbol is called the Delphi Concord. Concord means an agreement of the heart, by which two or more harmonious sounds come together to create a concord. Our combined love and light express the Tone of Love and Healing on our physical dimension.

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Delphi - A University of Spiritual Training, Personal Growth & Healing, and Self Enlightenment