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Delphi 2022-23 Class Schedule

APRIL 2023*CWS Weekend 7-9

MAY 2023*CWS Weekend 5-7

JUNE 2023 *CWS Weekend 2-4

JULY 2023*CWS Weekend 7-9

AUGUST 2023*CWS Weekend 4-6

SEPTEMBER 2023*CWS Weekend 1-3

OCTOBER 2023*CWS Weekend 6-8

NOVEMBER 2023*CWS Weekend 3-5

DECEMBER 2023*CWS Weekend 1-3

2022 Classes

OCTOBER 2022*CWS Weekend 7-9

NOVEMBER 2022*CWS Weekend 4-6

DECEMBER 2022*CWS Weekend 2-4


*Connecting With Spirit Weekends
are held the First Friday Weekend of every month (except January)
Friday Evening – Mauricio Panisset Healing Sanctuary 7:30pm (please wear white)
Saturday – Spiritual & Healing Workshops 10:00am–1:00pm (topics change monthly)
Sunday – Inspirational Service at the Temple of Wisdom 10:30am
Food, Lodging, & Accommodations are available at Delphi for CWS Weekends

Questions? Give us a call: (888) 335-7448