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Winter/Spring 2019
Healing Arts Journal
Summer/Fall 2018
Winter 2017-18
Delphi Healing Arts
Summer/Fall 2017
Delphi Healing Arts
Winter/Spring 2017
Healing Arts Journal Winter/Spring 2017
Summer/Fall 2016
Healing Arts Journal Summer 2016
Winter/Spring 2016
Delphi Healing Arts
July 2015
Delphi Healing Arts
January 2015
Delphi Healing Arts
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January 2013
A New Dawn & A New Day
Been There Done That?
My Prayer
Entura Art
What Makes a Light Worker
Connecting With Spirit
August 2012
Initiation of Love & Forgiveness
Patrick Massey - Integrative Medicine
Welcome New Souls to Earth
Lee Carroll at Delphi
January 2012
The Family Tree
The New Day
Manifestation of Miracles
A Mystical Experience
RoHun Support
Our Changing World
The Gathering
January 2011
 The Year of the Divine Feminine
Reflections on the Divine Feminine
Seeds of War
Spiritual Anatomy
Graduation Day at Delphi
June 2010
The Battle of Armageddon
The Tao According to Patricia
Delphi Family Affair
Our Incredible Family Journey
February 2010
A Very Strange Night
The Church of Wisdom &
Your Healing Work
From the Heart All Creativity Flows
Students' Letters
Class Photos, Graduation '09
Delphinia Summer Camp
June 2009
The Adventures of Prince Abba
On, My Soul, I Love You
Therapy Analysis
Voyager Tarot
Correspondence Course Mentorship
My Phenomenal Experiences
Certification, Degree and Self Healing Programs
Ripples ~ A Poem of Healing
January 2009
Are You A Mystic?
Its The End of the World As We Know It
Somatic Meditation
Energy of 2009
What if Your Walls Could Talk?
Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Course
My Life As A Spider
Serving From The Heart