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ADVANCED CHANNELING: FEBRUARY 15-19, 2020 Front Row Left to Right: Adrian Fisher, Kristen Kruger, Kimberly Curcio, Cecilia Pierola, Samuel Jangam Back Row Left to Right: Bob Maldonado, Merima Cuturic, Tiffany Luna, Haleigh Hayes, Steve Turpin, Stephanie Wade, Michael Pearman, Kelly Bradley
IN-DEPTH CHANNELING FEBRUARY 8-15, 2020 Front Left to Right: Zenka Carden, Kimberly Curcio, Cecilia Pierola, Mariah Acree, Kristen Kruger Back Left to Right: Janice Dzwonczyk, Tabatha Knox, Chase Turney, Tiffany Luna, Michael Pearman, Izzy Fellows, Laura Hammett, Karen Baker, Margaret Cosgrove, Viviana Daleney, Kelly Bradley, Lois Ann Montecalvo
INNER SANCTUARY TRAINING: FEBRUARY 6-8 Left to Right: Judy Potter, Ginette Giguere, Kelly Bradley

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