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2a. Professional / Vocational Information

Please tell us what career field(s) you are in or are working toward. Check all that apply.

Career Interests

Do you consider yourself (check one or both):

2b. Class Selection

In-Depth Channeling 2019*

Would you like to take Advanced Channeling following In-Depth Channeling?

Inner Sanctuary Training 2019

Entura Spiritual Art

CWS Personal Holistic Training Program 2019

2c. Select your Room and Transportation method

Room Preference (select one)

Transportation Method

If you are flying, please begin to check flights that arrive at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport before 2PM on the first day/date of the class you are attending and flights that depart after 4PM on the last day/date of the last class you are attending. Airport shuttle pickup is at 2PM inside the South Terminal at Delta Baggage Claim, Carousel #5, and airport shuttle arrival at the airport for departure flights will be around 2:30PM. If flight and/or airport shuttle arrival and departure times are a problem, please contact our office. If you are driving and need directions, please contact our office. Airport fee is $130.00 ($65 each way), payable to Delphi.

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