Entura Art

Entura Spiritual Art Institute

Delphi University is very pleased to launch the Entura Spiritual Art Institute and its new degree programs that incorporate the profound modality called Entura Art, developed and advanced by Patricia Hayes. The Entura Spiritual Art Institute offers a multiple level course curriculum that teaches the aspiring Entura Artist in the theories, techniques, and therapy modalities of healing one's self and others using Transpersonal Art.

What Is Entura Art?

Entura means "entering the aura" or, in other words, entering the energy field. The Entura Artist is taught to enter the energy field of his/her subject one's self, another person, a place or thing, a past or present time period, or a spiritual concept like love, harmony, and wisdom to channel and convey intuitive understanding and messages related to that subject and to bring about needed and appropriate emotional and spiritual healing. Entura Art is an artistic form of alchemy that transmits both psychological and spiritual precision by way of symbols and colors that flow onto the canvas.

What is a Transpersonal Art Therapist?

A Transpersonal Art Therapist provides enlightenment and opportunities for healing for self and others using Entura Art symbols, exercises, color, sound, and various art media to connect directly to the Divine Source of one's being and, in so doing, find clarity, understanding, and meaning. The processes and techniques used by the Transpersonal Art Therapist bypasses the critical factors of rational thinking and mind chatter to attune one to his/her creative and intuitive nature.

The art serves as a record of the events that individual has been exploring. The Transpersonal Art Therapist helps the individual expand upon and understand the images and symbols that arise, relating their meaning to the issues or intent of that individual. The individual is then able to reflect on his/her artwork to understand his/her life event or situation with greater clarity.

Our eyes are our window to the Universe. And, our "inner eyes", that is, our inner sight, is the means of intuitive understanding and spiritual growth. Entura Art combines our inner and outer sight into a beautiful and profound means of intuitive expression. The Entura Artist simply allows his/her hand to be directed by a Higher Guidance, knowing that the energy and appropriate intuitive understanding will be conveyed to the paper using soft pastels. No artistic training or ability is required to be a powerful Entura Artist.

 "A picture is worth a thousand words." ~ Old Adage

It is true! A picture, a visual image, can convey deep and complex ideas, arousing subconscious feelings and emotions. It can bring a new and surprising level of understanding to the Entura Artist who understands and to the Entura Artist's clients. With Entura Art, the artist is trained to be a clear channel of energy, to allow his/her hands to be directed by a Higher Guidance, and to use his/her intuitive impressions and knowledge of symbols to realize a deeper level of "knowing" and understanding that emerge on paper about any number of topics and issues for him/herself and others. S/he becomes the vehicle for communication, healing and growth whether it is reconciling emotional conflict arising from the past or the present, expanding spiritual awareness, exploring high concepts, or sustaining personal connection and communication with the Higher Realms.

As the student continues in his/her Entura Art studies, s/he experiences on a deep heartfelt level just how art unifies us all to reveal and understand God's iconic memorandum. It is the universal language that touches the soul of all who listen to and feel the strokes and color of motion, knowing that, from this motion, s/he is extracting the messages of truth imprinted on the ethers.

As a form of therapy, Entura Art has meaning to a variety of people and ages - children, teens, adults, couples and seniors helping each to reveal unconscious or emotionally-charged feelings that may be impossible to access by talking alone.

Each level of study in the Entura Spiritual Art degree program takes the Entura Artist into deeper and wider awareness, sharpens intuitive clarity and accuracy, and engages him/her in a powerful visual medium that brings insightful healing.

Entura Spiritual Art Program
Transpersonal and Psychospiritual Art

 Level 1 - Entura Artist

Entura Art I  - Intuitive Channeling and Clearing through Art. The first Entura Art class introduces the process of intuitively tapping into one's self, another person, or a concept, and expressing those intuitive messages through soft pastels. No previous art experience is required because the Entura Art student is taught to transcend traditional art techniques and allow the hand to be guided by his/her own intuitive channel. In this class, Entura Art is used to clear blocks and negative emotions, realize new levels of awareness about self, and give readings to others. Fun and Insightful!
Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art II - Opening the Creative Zone. Entura Art 2 discusses the Entura Artist as the Mystic, expanding and refining the Entura Artist's abilities and self-awareness while opening up his/her intuitive channels to the Creative Zone, that is, broader spiritual connections and additional means of expressing spiritual communication. In this class, the Entura Artist also learns the art of Soul Portraits while expanding his/her refinement techniques and interpretation skills.

Length of Course:4 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art Symbols and Interpretation I. This course delves into key symbols that surface in channeled Entura Art, their spiritual meaning, and how the symbol and its placement in the drawing influence the interpretation of a drawing. In addition, the Entura Artist learns and practices valuable interpretation skills to enhance his/her ability to effectively interpret an Entura Art drawing, deepening the meaning and understanding of each channeled message.
Length of Course: 3 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art III - Attuning to Higher Energy. In this course, the Entura Artist learns specific subtle energy anatomy designed to access and channel from a higher electromagnetic frequency, enhancing and deepening the artist's intuitive channeling and spiritual communication, as well as his/her ability to capture more refined images from deeper spiritual sources using specific hand movement techniques. In addition, the Artist perfects his/her ability to channel and interpret Soul Portraits. Moving and mystical, the Entura Artist moves into a new realm of receiving, channeling and expressing spiritual communication through Entura Art drawings.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art IV - Advanced High Energy Attuning. Entura Art IV takes the Entura Artist into new and deeper channeling, attuning to precise cellular memory, and moving into even higher and more progressive electromagnetic frequency channels. Advancing his/her abilities to capture beautiful, refined images of even higher, deeper spiritual messages, the Entura Artist becomes an Adept at connecting with the highest spiritual energy, communicating messages from high spiritual sources, and creating unique and beautiful pastel expressions of that channeling.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

At the conclusion of Level One, the student is:
-  Certified as an Entura Artist
  Eligible to register in the Association of Entura Spiritual Artists as an Entura Artist (annual renewal required for inclusion in the Delphi online directory)

Level 2 - Bachelor of Entura Art

In-Depth Channeling. A prerequisite to all Delphi degree programs, In-depth Channeling is one of the key foundations of spiritual practice, helping the student develop, refine, and express spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities, using time-proven methods to become a clear, accurate, and consistent channel of love, light, and healing. This course may be taken during Level 1 studies.

Length of Course: 8 Days
Course Tuition

Advanced Channeling. Designed to awaken and enhance spiritual memory and sight, and to strengthen one's spiritual channel, this intensive training includes the study of the history and practices of Ancient Mysteries, while intimately studying and purifying one's mental/emotional auric field and transmuting Karmic energies that limit spiritual progress and permanent healing. In addition, Sola, the skills of advanced soul travel, and Soul Life Readings practices are reviewed in this course. In-depth Channeling is a prerequisite to this course.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art Symbols and Interpretation II. As the Entura Artist advances in his/her abilities to connect and channel spiritual messages, the symbols become more expressive with richer, deeper, and more insightful meaning. This course discusses advanced Entura Art spiritual symbols and delves into deeper levels of interpreting Entura Art drawings. 
Length of Course: 1 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art V - Art and Sound Therapy. The Entura Art V course teaches a profound healing therapy, designed to discover, understand, and heal the "Special Self" that core part of one's psyche that limits one's progress toward realizing a full and prosperous life, finding and sustaining greater spiritual connection, and walking the path of a life purpose fulfilled. This modality uses specific sounds and channeled images to stir and access deeper life-limiting thoughts and feelings for purposes of discovery and insight to bring about this healing for one's self or others.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

At the conclusion of Level 2, the Entura Art student is awarded:
   Certification in Mediumship
•   Certification as a Soul Life Intuitive
•   Bachelor of Arts Degree B.A. in Transpersonal and Psychospiritual Arts
•   Eligible to register in the Association of Entura Spiritual Artists as a BA and 
•   Entura Art Therapist (annual renewal required for inclusion in Delph online

 Level 3 - Master of Entura Art

Healing Mysteries. This course begins with a study of the Astral World and its inhabitants, looking at the effect the Astral World has on the physical world. In additional, the student is trained in a variety of integrative and complementary healing therapies that include crystal healing, lotus healing, past life regression, psi-scan, subliminal and distance healing, and trance healing, the channeling of Spirit Doctors for the purpose of healing.

Length of Course: 7 Days
Course Tuition

Integrated Healing Arts. As a powerful means of discovering and healing, Entura Art is a natural complement to the modalities learned in Healing Mysteries. In this course, the Entura Art Therapist learns specific ways to incorporate Entura Art into the metaphysical healing modalities learned in Healing Mysteries so that his/her clients may discover and understand what imbalanced energy needs to be healed and to deepen the healing with additional understanding and insights about moving forward.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

Entura Art VI - Advanced Art and Sound Therapy. This course advances the therapy work with the "Special Self" learned in Entura Art V. It uses Entura Art and music to transform the "Special Self" into a force for positive thought and healthy manifestation in the client's life. The therapy addresses and heals any lingering issues the "Special Self" continues to create, then carries the client through a process to transform the "Special Self" giving it a new role of assisting the client toward his/her life purpose and being the point of positive creation in the client's life.

Length of Course: 5 Days
Course Tuition

At the conclusion of Level 3, the Entura Art student is awarded:
•  Certification as a Spiritual Healer 
•  Master of Arts Degree M.A. in Transpersonal Healing Art Therapies
•  Eligible to register in the Association of Entura Spiritual Arts as an Entura Artist and Entura Art Therapist (annual renewal required for inclusion in Delphi online directory)