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Delphi University Enrollment Application

Welcome to Delphi! We want to make the enrollment process as easy as possible. You will need to complete this registration form only once. If you have any questions about registration, please call 1-888-335-7448.

This form is for new students enrolling in In-Depth Channeling, Inner Sanctuary Training, Entura Spiritual Art, and/or the Connect With Spirit/Holistic Healing Program.

Please note -- Before you begin, prepare a small photograph of yourself (head shot recommended approx. 480 pixels, width or height) and have it stored on your computer to upload when you reach that section. This is optional, but recommended.

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If you are flying, please begin to check flights that arrive at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport before 2PM on the first day/date of the class you are attending and flights that depart after 4PM on the last day/date of the last class you are attending. Airport shuttle pickup is at 2PM inside the South Terminal at Delta Baggage Claim, Carousel #5, and airport shuttle arrival at the airport for departure flights will be around 2:30PM. If flight and/or airport shuttle arrival and departure times are a problem, please contact our office. If you are driving and need directions, please contact our office. Airport fee is $140.00 ($70 each way), payable to Delphi.

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Deposit Method ($250 Deposit)

You can select a photo of yourself from your computer or mobile device to send along with your application.

1. Click the Browse button below to open your Pictures folder.
2. Select the photo you wish to send to us. Wait for the file name to appear next to the button.
    (An approximate size of the photo is less than 3Mb.  If you wish, you can skip uploading your photo and click Submit)
3. Click the "Submit Enrollment to Delphi" button. Wait a minute for the confirmation page.

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