How to Get Started at Delphi University

Delphi offers four non-prerequisite courses for first-time students:

  1. In-Depth Channeling (IDC)
  2. Inner Sanctuary Training (IST)
  3. Entura Art I
  4. Connect With Spirit – Personal Holistic Healing (CWS/PHH)

We recommend starting with In-Depth Channeling.  This week-long program introduces many of the concepts and ideas that are prevalent throughout our degree programs and certification courses. It is the most popular course at Delphi and establishes a good foundation upon which to build.

We understand that time and money constraints may limit your options. In this regard, Inner Sanctuary Training is a weekend course that is scheduled throughout the year. Inner Sanctuary Training establishes the sacred space within where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions and help restore balance and vitality. It is helpful in manifesting your creative ideas and strengthening your overall sense of purpose. 

Entura Spiritual Art I introduces the student to channeling spiritual energy onto canvas.  Created by Delphi’s founder, Patricia Hayes, this fun and rewarding class has gained much popularity since its inception. 

And finally, the CWS Personal Holistic Healing course stands out as combining IST with many personal healing sessions for the student making it the most comprehensive of all introductory programs at Delphi.

No matter what you decide, come with a clear intention and desire to deeply connect with and access the full power of your remarkable spirit.

The Path Forward

Degree programs at Delphi begin with or include In-Depth Channeling. Many students begin their studies with Inner Sanctuary Training before taking In-Depth Channeling. Other students take Inner Sanctuary Training after In-Depth Channeling. 

Building A Solid Foundation

The ability to channel energy and information is one of the key foundations of spiritual practice. In-Depth Channeling is the foundation course at Delphi.

In-Depth Channeling is the prerequisite for both the Metaphysician and RoHun™ Studies Programs, and is a requirement for all degree programs offered by the school. The In-Depth Channeling program helps develop, refine, and enhance your spiritual gifts and abilities allowing you to become a clear and reliable channel of love, light, and healing. Certification in Mediumship is awarded upon completion.

After completion of In-Depth Channeling, students can elect to pursue the Metaphysician Studies offered by the Patricia Hayes School or the RoHun™ Therapy Studies offered by the RoHun™ Institute, or both.

We welcome and invite you to discover and develop your true and greatest potential here at Delphi. For over 40 years Delphi has been helping others to develop, refine and express their spiritual gifts and abilities, and to grow, heal, and to enrich their lives.

You will gain a greater awareness and understanding about Self and Spirit and more fully develop and express your spiritual gifts and abilities, while bringing healing and empowerment to yourself and others. Training is experiential and our teachings are delivered in love, wisdom, and fun.

Holistic Weekend Retreat At Delphi U

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