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Five Keys to Delphi

The Heart of Delphi is its charm. Delphi knows that beauty and a feeling of relaxed comfort is essential to the soul that is here to create greater light in our world. From the rose bud found beside each down comforted bed to the many outdoor decks that support us in our rightful place near the stars, Delphi enfolds each person that comes here in the warmth of loving light. The Truth of Delphi lies in the mystery of the Spirit. Delphi’s charm is everyone’s charm. Love never fails. “Delphi feels like my spiritual home that is far away and that I’ve longed for’, and “I feel like I’m home", is a phrase expressed by many.

Delphi’s Purpose
Intention is the seed and the blueprint of the ripened fruit. Delphi in all its beauty stands as a Beacon of Light, a Lighthouse that continually calls all of those that are here with a spiritual purpose. When they come, Delphi lovingly awakens their spiritual memory and gently guides them to their direction and abilities. Delphi’s special gift is nourishing, strengthening, and empowering each individual, according to his or her spiritual abilities, with in depth skills that are able to touch the hearts and minds of the many.

The Nature of Delphi
From the sound of the flowing white water that encircles Delphi, to the rustling of the many leaves that form halos around our friends the trees: from the symphony of birds and crickets and the grace and beauty of the multi-colored butterflies, to the smallest ant that silently fulfills its purpose, there is an acceptance, admiration and a sense of awe for all things just as they are. The nature of Delphi has its own unique ability to heal and to inspire loving values and high priorities, and is respected and loved by all.

The Order of Delphi
At Delphi, the structure and order of ones spiritual awakening is clearly understood. Each class and program guides the initiate with gentle strength to the next step, the next awakening, the next ability to emerge. Each class honors every individual for being there, and recognizes that quality not quantity nourishes the brilliance of each spirit and the genius within each mind. Each class group, carefully chosen in number, moves each student with accelerated speed and intensity of purpose towards greater self awareness. The mystery of Self is revealed, as are all its loving abilities and skills to help ourselves and others. Every class is a totally unique adventure.

The Shepherd’s Staff of Delphi
Each member of the teaching and managerial staff feels a spiritual bond with one another and have come together to bring their unique and special abilities to radiate a greater light into our world. The best in their field, they bring to Delphi the benefits of their many years of experience and practical application in helping others. All are diamonds continually polishing and expanding the many facets of their light, as they help others to do the same.

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