Delphi University Holistic Healing Program

What a wonderful time to be alive, and what a magnificent privilege we all have in welcoming the New Day. Even more special is the honor we all share in bringing our knowledge of Spirit into this new era.

Our Spiritual awareness is the most precious gift we can give to our earth, to humanity, to God, and to ourselves in the coming years. This is also a period of intense change.

Know that for every challenge you face, you have also brought and have within you the solution.

With the accelerated advancement of technology and the information age, the balancing effect of spiritual knowledge is vital to the equilibrium of our planet and the evolution of mankind.

Truth and love, the forgiveness of self and others, and the ability to express our loving Spirit on earth are the true attributes of man in the New Day.

As above . . . so below. All of us at Delphi walk with you into these new and exciting times, renewed in Spirit, humble in our spiritual awareness, and strong in our conviction to express the highest possibility of Soul here on earth.

We are all such intricate beings with amazing potentials. Yet so many of us get stuck and seem to break down or give up.

There is so much need today for understanding and the use of our spiritual strengths and abilities. If we break down emotionally, mentally, or physically, it is only our Spirit and it’s abilities that have the power to lift us up and make us whole once again, and make permanent changes in who we are.

It is through our Spirit that we have the power to express life with wisdom, love, and health. It is through our inspired mind that we have the vision, clarity, focus and direction to transform our thoughts and feelings, and continually evolve towards greater self-expression. It is through our loving heart and our loving emotions that we are able to feel delight and enjoyment, and to appreciate the hard lessons and traumas we have experienced to become who we are. It is through the vitality of our love and caring that we have the interest and intensity to transform our lives and our world.

Through our magnificently designed physical bodies our spirit lives and fulfills its purposes. And it is through our physical form that our Spirit expresses its love, wisdom, peace, and light in all that we say and do.

Our world is now experiencing a mighty influx of energy from the Astral Plane for the purpose of our cleansing and growth. This influx of astral energy intensifies the power of our thoughts and emotions and propels them almost instantly into creation. You might liken this to a gigantic astral hurricane.

This energy is increasing its power each moment. But we can use this tremendous force with purpose, and transform our lives for the better by forming clear, positive mental images and healthy loving feelings of the future for ourselves and our world. Or we can become just another victim of a tremendous storm without protection or cover.

More than ever before people are seeking greater personal awareness and taking responsibility for their own well-being. Unfortunately, they seek emotional help and relief in one place and physical help in another. They look for spiritual insight and understanding in yet another place and are mostly unable to experience any true progress nor see how all the areas of life are linked together.

One must be able to see the whole picture of Self to know how one level of the persona is affecting the others. One must be able to objectively look at his or her weaknesses and see, feel, sense, and know the spiritual abilities and strengths that can regenerate and heal and transform these disturbances.

Attempting to heal an imbalance from a perspective of weakness takes a long time and is rarely accomplished.

Healing any weakness whether it is in body, mind, or emotions is far more accelerated and permanent when accomplished from a spiritual perception of purpose and inner strength.

We can only do this through a totally integrative holistic healing system. Connecting with Spirit gives you clear vision of your heart and soul’s purpose and what it desires to accomplish during your lifetime.

Connecting with Spirit links you to your highest and most creative and inspired thoughts. Connecting With Spirit attunes you to the depth of your loving feelings to propel your creations of light into our world. How can we connect with Spirit and use our spiritual abilities to help ourselves and others in this time of crisis in our world?

  • We can make sure our inner sounds are harmonious through loving intent, and positive, constructive, and benevolent mental images and emotions.
  • We can purposefully censor our intent to make sure that what we think and feel is for the greatest good of all rather than solely self-serving.
  • We can learn to connect with our Spirit and stay connected and ask how we can best serve.
  • We can ask to be healing channels for spirit through our thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • We can form loving mental images of all the unique individuals that make up our families and psychically envision each one being well and happy.
  • We can expand our family to include all the individuals in our world and form mental images of the many unique individuals in our family sharing one world in peace, love and harmony.
  • We can take time to be spiritually sensitive and care about others
  • We can be grateful and appreciative for our freedom and treasure it by making wise choices that benefit our world and us.
  • We can connect with Spirit and have access to our highest inspired thoughts and feelings and create projects, relationships and homes of love and abundant feeling.
  • We can be and act like who we truly are, spiritual beings in human form bringing our wisdom, love, and healing to the physical world of matter, expanding Spirit in all things.

There are few schools or wellness facilities that train practitioners to use their own intuitive and spiritual abilities to facilitate an integrative holistic healing program. Many healing modalities do not begin with spiritual training and do not address the emotional, mental and physical levels individually.

There is great power in unity. When our Spirit provides the purpose, our inspired mind the direction, our loving emotions the vitality, and our healthy body the energy, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

When we are united within our Self, we are Connecting with Spirit. Through our spiritual eyes, we see the need for healing in our own lives and in our world. We begin to work towards those goals and choose a direction(s) that will bring greater love, peace, healing and light into our lives and our world.

One of the gifts Delphi University brings to the new millennium is a truly Holistic System of Regeneration and Healing. If you are filled with a passion to experience and develop your own intuitive and spiritual abilities and want to unite with, heal, and feel good about yourself in Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit, then the Connecting With Spirit Personal Holistic Healing Program is for you.

May you be filled with the Spirit of Love, Wisdom, Peace, Delight, and Abundance, today and every day. All of our hearts at Delphi are joined with your heart in creating love and peace on earth.

Patricia Hayes, Founder

Program Description and Details

Connecting With Spirit – Personal Holistic Healing Program

Intuitive and Spiritual Training

Private Holistic Healing Sessions & Regeneration

Personal Spiritual Development

Program Description:
The Connecting with Spirit Program at Delphi University is a personal healing and spiritual development program created and designed to unite you with those higher aspects of self and your spiritual strength.

It begins where all personal transformation and healing should begin, with intuitive and spiritual training that gives a person direct access to and use of their inspired mind and spiritual abilities.

Through direct personal experience, one is able to connect with, experience, and know the power of one’s own Spirit.

Through self-realization of purpose and clarity of direction, one is able to holistically and effectively release and heal all the disturbances that are preventing spiritual progress.

Under direction of our gifted staff of teachers and healers, the goals of the program are:

To Access Your Higher Self and Inspired Mind

Develop and Use Your Intuitive and Spiritual Abilities

The Cleansing and Purification of past traumas

Release of Blocks preventing Spiritual Progress

Clarity of Your Soul’s Purpose and Direction

Inner Sanctuary Training to establish your spiritual practice

The Connecting with Spirit Holistic Healing Program trains people from all walks of life to enrich their lives through the wisdom and love of their own Spirit. Using structured innovative methods throughout the program, individuals connect with their inner resources to achieve positive transformation in the many areas of their lives.

Certification as a Spiritual Initiate.

Length of Program: 7 days      
Tuition $4500

The Spiritual Initiate
It is the Spiritual Initiate that seeks a positive state of mind in which he/she is able to look with balanced serenity on all the many things that would ordinarily upset him/her, stir up negative emotions, and cloud his/her judgment.

It is the Spiritual Initiate that knows that SIMPLICITY IS TO LIVE DIVINELY. There are too many complicated, sophisticated, and untruthful things in the world.

People boast and bluff and deceive to control and elevate themselves above others.

Carl Jung said “We are living undeniably in a period of the greatest restlessness, nervous tension, confusion and disorientation of outlook.

Among my many patients from many countries, all of them educated persons, there is a considerable number who came to see me, not because they were suffering from a neurosis, but because they could find no meaning in life or were torturing themselves with questions which neither present-day philosophy nor religion could answer.”

Jung’s observations have since become a statistical certainty.

Jung also said “Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelations of wisdom greater than his own. It is this wisdom, which lifts him out of his distress. Hence we find that after years of therapy, some people’s quest for deeper meaning is still not quenched.

They then become spiritual seekers, drinking from the fountain of their inner perennial wisdom.”

Connecting With spirit is a mystical quest. Spirit is powerless in matter until one begins the spiritual quest.

Spirit never relaxes its thrust, its desire to get our attention. But many do not hear “the still small voice” that calls from within.

Thoughts and feelings of confusion, anger, pain, grief, sadness, depression, worry and fear all drown out “the still small voice” of spirit. These negative thoughts and emotions block the natural and creative healing processes of our whole being.


Connecting with Spirit is man’s highest achievement. Spirit is man’s Divine Nature. Connecting with Spirit puts one in touch with a depth of love within the self that everyone else can also feel.

Our higher consciousness alchemically affects our whole being and our world. We feel better than ever. We think better than ever. We act better than ever, because we are better than ever.

Bulgarian born spiritual adept Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986), one of the twentieth century’s greatest luminaries of western spiritual thought once said, “You will never improve nor transform yourself by accumulating knowledge in your head. To be sure, this knowledge can broaden your mind and point of view but that is only on the surface; you will always be the same underneath: remarkable as far as general knowledge is concerned, a veritable one-man information bureau.

But as far as character, virtues, and qualities are concerned, nothing will be changed.

Whereas knowledge of your spirit, the divine science, obliges you to penetrate to the depths and climb to the heights, and it is not possible to be unchanged by it. It is through inner knowledge that we grow and mature.”

The Spiritual Initiate seeks to know Spirit. The spiritual initiate goes through many spiritual initiations in his or her spiritual quest. Each lifts the initiate to greater discoveries within self.

To know oneself does not mean to know one’s character with all its faults and failings, or to know the limitations of human nature. The Spiritual Initiate seeks to know The Higher Self, the immortal Spirit, something indescribable but real which exists on a far higher level.

Finding and uniting with this Self is the key to love, peace, joy and creative manifestation. One knows self only when one knows that indestructible, unconditionally loving Higher Self.

Writer John White states the next stage of evolution is Homo noeticus. He said “I see Homo noeticus as the next stage of human evolution precisely as Cro-Magnon superseded Neanderthal. The full emergence of Homo noeticus is probably several thousand years away. But the forerunners are here now, in increasing numbers, making their presence felt, crowding Homo sapiens, creating their own niche in the eco-psycho system and pointing out to him his own potential to change consciousness and thereby evolve, directing his own evolution and accelerating the process.”

The Spiritual Initiate goes in and out amongst the people, eats and sleeps as they do, buys and sells in the market, marries and takes part in society, and never forgets Spirit for a single moment.

In the ancient mystery schools, spiritual initiates developed their inner senses for the purpose of knowing their inner world. Their emphasis was twofold. They sought to know Spirit, touch Spirit, see Spirit and feel Spirit through having mystical experiences.

They also were most concerned with cleansing their auric egg, the energy fields that surrounded their physical body. They knew, through the purification of their stagnant and negative thoughts and feelings, they could ascend to even higher levels of consciousness for the spiritual purpose of bringing greater light, wisdom, and spiritual awareness into the world. It is said that if individuals have been involved in one of the ancient mystery schools in the past, they will be drawn back again. Their spiritual memory and abilities will return quickly so they are able to continue their spiritual purpose.

Psychologist Ron Miller, author of “What are Schools For?” says “a basic premise of holistic education is the belief that our lives have a meaning and purpose greater than the mechanistic laws described by science, and greater than the ‘consensus consciousness’ of any one culture.

This transcendent purpose is a creative, self-guiding energy which we ought not to attempt to suppress.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his well-known essay on History “There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. He that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate. What Plato has thought, he may think; what the saint has felt, he may feel; what at any time has befallen any man, he can understand. Who hath access to this universal mind is a party to all that is or can be done, for this is the only and sovereign agent. It is the Spirit and not the fact that is identical.

By descending far down into the depths of the soul, and not primarily by a painful acquisition of many manual skills, the artist attains the power of awakening other souls to a given activity.”

Enlightenment is lifting and transforming your present state of consciousness through bringing light to your thoughts and feelings. The thoughts and feelings of all Enlightened Beings form a powerful Light that positively influences all people.

Delphi University offers certification as a Spiritual Initiate and 4th degree Initiate in The Holy Order of the Dove upon completion of the Connecting with Spirit Holistic Healing Program.

Offering Certifications and Degrees in Metaphysics, Spiritual Counseling, Holistic, Complimentary & Alternative Healing and Transpersonal Psychology through an extensive, experiential and knowledge based curriculum.

Careers in healing therapies, counseling and supplemental knowledge for healing professionals are the main focus and benefit derived at Delphi as well personal growth and enlightenment.

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