Entura Institute
at Delphi University
Entura Spiritual Art Degree Program
The Entura Spiritual Art Institute offers a multiple level course curriculum that teaches the aspiring Entura Artist in the theories, techniques, and therapy modalities of healing oneself and others using Transpersonal Art. Entura Art requires no previous art training or ability.
A Transpersonal Art Therapist provides enlightenment and opportunities for healing for self and others using Entura Art symbols, exercises, color, sound, and various art media to connect directly to the Divine Source of one’s being and, in so doing, find clarity, understanding, and meaning. The processes and techniques used by the Transpersonal Art Therapist bypass the critical factors of rational thinking and mind chatter to attune one to his/her creative and intuitive nature. The art serves as a record of the events that the individual has been exploring. The Transpersonal Art Therapist helps the individual expand upon and understand the images and symbols that arise, relating their meaning to the issues or intent of that individual. The individual is then able to reflect on his/her artwork to understand his/her life event or situation with greater clarity.

About Entura Art

Entura means “entering the aura” or, in other words, entering the energy field. The Entura Artist is taught to enter the energy field of his/her subject, one’s own self, another person, a place or thing, a past or present time period, or a spiritual concept like love, harmony, or wisdom, and then to channel and convey intuitive understanding and messages related to that subject in order to bring about needed and appropriate emotional and spiritual healing. Entura Art is an artistic form of alchemy that transmits both psychological and spiritual precision by way of symbols and colors that flow onto the canvas.
Entura Spiritual Art Degree Requirements

Entura Art I – Intuitive Channeling

$ 1895
  • April 30 - May 4
  • Oct 14-18

Entura Art II – Opening the Creative Zone

$ 1495
  • May 11-14
  • Oct 18-21

Entura Art Symbols & Interpretation I

$ 1095
  • May 7-10
  • October 21-24

Entura Art III – Attuning to Higher Energy

$ 1895
  • March 11-15
  • September 4-8

Entura Art IV – Advanced High Energy Attuning

$ 1895
  • March 15-19
  • September 8-12
Bachelor of Entura Art

In-Depth Channeling

$ 2675
  • See Schedule

Advanced Channeling

$ 2175
  • See Schedule

Entura Art Symbols & Interpretation II

$ 495
  • March 19-20

Entura Art V – Art & Sound Therapy

$ 1895
  • May 15-19
Master of Entura Art

Energy Healer Training & Techniques

$ 2675
  • Feb 26 - Mar 4
  • June 19-24
  • Oct 8-14

Entura Art Integrated

$ 1895
  • Jun 24-28

Entura VI - Advanced Art & Sound Therapy

$ 1895
  • May 19-23

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