A Testimonial on the Benefits of RoHun™ Therapy

Going through Rohun Healing has changed my life. It’s helped me find forgiveness with my family of origin, it’s improved the depth and love in my current relationships, and most importantly, it’s healed my relationship with myself. Going through each Rohun set has resolved most of the inner conflict that I struggled with for years and it has allowed me to come back home to my true self and the light within. I feel wholeness on a whole new level and this allows me to stay true to myself and honor and respect myself in my relationships and interactions (no longer people pleasing or sacrificing my truth like I used to do.)

From a practitioner perspective, I’ve spent years taking various trainings in the holistic emotional, trauma, and energetic healing realm and over that time, I intuitively took pieces that I found most valuable from each training. I worked on emotions and somatics from one modality, subconscious belief repatterning from another modality, inner child work from another, etc. And 10 years later, I found Delphi and Rohun and I was amazed and pleased to find all the pieces that I have collected over the years in one healing system! Rohun aligns completely with what I think is most valuable to create profound and long-lasting healing. And yet, Rohun takes you deeper and is a more powerful healing system than any other that I have come across. It’s hard to put into words just how special it is! Every client I use Rohun with is blown away by just how much healing, insightful awareness, and empowered energetic shifts are possible in just one session.

I am forever grateful for the wonderful, wise, and loving teachers at Delphi! They are incredibly skillful and hold clients/students in such love and grace. I have been through the full program and have no doubt I will be back for another round because the Rohun energy will always take you deeper with new insight and understanding.

Much Love, Alison K.

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