Delphi Student Testimonials

We wish to thank and extend our gratitude to all of our students, and to those who have taken the time to write to us and share their heartfelt thoughts and feelings about their Delphi experience. Our entire staff is deeply moved, grateful, and blessed to share our love, friendship, and spiritual wisdom. We are Many, We are One.

Charles Curcio, Kimberly Hayes Curcio - Delphi Directors
Directors, Charles and Kimberly Curcio

Here are but a few of those letters:

To All My Beautiful Friends,

There really are no words to show you all the gratitude I feel for the gifts I received while in Delphi.
Steve, thank you for showing me a way to find forgiveness & forgive.
Linda, for your wisdom & guidance with my path and meeting my guides.  I wear my wings proudly and openly.
Kimberly, even as I write this, tears of joy & gratitude – I am FREE.
Janice, your gentle nature yet powerful presence inspires me.
Charles, You are music dancing in the air and swirling within our hearts “♥”.
Haleigh, leading the search for the next generation of Delphians.
To all the others who fed me, folded my clothes, and run this magical place, you are the icing on the cake.
I will be back in June but needed you all to know how much I love you.

Forever, Kimberly

Dear Delphi Family, Thank you all so much for a beautiful experience. So grateful for having been introduced to Delphi U by Giselle K. The energy, the people, the studies and so much more have helped me to see more inside of myself as the total amazing Soul I truly am. Blessings to all and I know I will be returning again. Love and Hugs, Kathryn

Still in awe over how much joy has been brought into my life since attending Delphi. Thank you Patricia, Kimberly, Charles and all the others.
And of course Arthur;) Mary Jo B.

Charles, Thank you for your teachings, treatment, and for helping me clear my throat chakra.  I absolutely loved my time at Delphi.  Isabel

Dear Charles,

I would just like to write to thank you for everything you have done for us at In-Depth Channeling last month. Thank you so much for the powerful healing on the first night, and all the classes you gave, in which we have learnt a lot as well as having a lot of fun. I would also like to tell you that I have read your book “The New Day”. I want to tell you that, never in my life had I finished a book within a day except for your book. I just couldn’t put your book down. I was constantly either had my mouth widely opened, or was smiling when I read your stories; and your teachings are very inspiring. I often have problems explaining what I know metaphysically to people around me, but the words you used make things easy to understand. Thank you for that too!! I’m looking forward to returning to Delphi next year and to your wonderful classes. In Love and Light,


Dear Kimberly & Charles,

There’s so much to say about what an incredible place you have created. I am sooo honored and grateful to have found you! I have grown lifetimes! My heart feels open and alive again. I will be back for more fun! I love you guys sooo much! Visit me in California.   Love always,  Deb

Dear Kimberly and Charles,

Thank you for scheduling me to experience you both on the same day with back to back In-Depth Healing and Energization.  The effects have been very powerful and is revealing so many new insights.  Two weeks ago I came home a very different person.  I left Delphi filled with love and a new, intense feeling I could not describe that is directing me on a search for something very deep.  This ‘unquenchable thirst to know my spiritual self’, as Patricia describes in “Light From the Heaves: I’ll never stop loving you”, resonates within me.   It continues to grow daily and more is being revealed through grace and understanding.  Patricia’s book has been a very helpful guide and tool for putting into words what I feel energetically since the healings I received from you both.

Kimberly – I feel moved to share that during the Energization I saw Bella in a vision appear a few minutes after I relaxed on your table.  We were both riding on her as she was taking us very, very high through dimensions and into the Angelic realms.  

The first 14 seconds of this video of Falcor’s flight through the clouds in the Never Ending Story has been the best description that I’ve found so far.  She was a wonderful guide and comforted me during the healing.  Her presence is so strong and she is very much with you.

I love and appreciate you both so much.  I hope to return soon to take more classes and receive In-Depth Healing and Energizations.  I will stay in touch and keep you posted.

In Love and Light,

Hi Charles! 

It’s Caroline from the June 1-8 In Depth Channeling course. I hope you’re doing really well and your summer is off to a great start.

I wanted to write to you for a few reasons…

1. I’m just over half way through your book and I’m enjoying it so much. I just finished the chapter on Egypt. How totally incredible you saw light ships! Wow. I’ve always been really drawn to Egypt but yet to discover why. When you talked about leaving your wife and your family for a higher purpose, that really spoke to me. What a difficult and brave thing to do.

2. My first night at Delphi you did a healing on me. One of the things I requested you to work on was my sleeping and how I’d love to be able to sleep solidly without medicating myself. Well, I haven’t needed a single sleeping pill since that night. I’ve needed them for years, as has my mom and her mom before her. And now I don’t! I sleep like a rock naturally every night. I can’t thank you enough.

3. You did an incredible past-life regression session on me while I was at Delphi — the first I’ve done in this life — and I needed to tell you just how healing and significant that session was to me. I was trying to figure out that twin flame connection for twelve years. Several times it felt I was on the brink of insanity. And within that hour, we’d figured it out! The next day during Steve’s past-life regression class, I went back to that time myself and got even more answers. I can’t even express in words how much that discovery has been such an ‘aha’ and life-changing moment for me. So much makes sense now. Thank you for helping me see that.

4. Just wanted to end with saying how much I loved my time at Delphi. It’s taken me about a month to reenter the real world and find a balance between both worlds. I’ve changed, and I haven’t quite figured out yet what my next steps are, but I feel I’m on cusp of figuring it out. I can’t wait to go back to Delphi and learn more (but with three young kids I’m not sure when I can make that happen).

THANK YOU thank you for your words of wisdom, teachings and support.

Sending love and light,

PS. Please send my love to your lovely Kimberly. I think I feel a little in love with her too 🙂

My Beloved Delphi Family,

It is my greatest wish that upon receiving this email you are all doing well – living in the light of your pure essence. I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I have not sent this note out sooner. I find myself at the mercy of this note now wishing to express the profound love I feel in knowing each and every single one of you. Coming home has been a wonderful transition for me; admittedly I’ve had my moments when I’ve just wanted to jump back in the car and head straight back to Delphi into the arms of the wonderful vortex of love that has manifested there. How could I not?

What I experienced at Delphi and in all of you is nothing less than sheer bliss – even when I went through what felt like my darkest hour. That moment was so frightening for me, yet in that precise moment when I felt myself falling into an abyss of darkness – I was supported by the most intense love I have ever felt. And though it took a little while to get past that moment, afterwards I felt like I could walk on water – THANK YOU!! Thank you for the bottom of my heart – for that day I came back to life – a life filled entirely with Gods Presence.

My world prior going to Delphi was a world filled with judgment and criticism, insecurity and doubt. My heart ached to find a congregation of beings I could commune with people that would love me for all that I am; I never really believed deep down it existed. Yet in the remote mountains of Georgia I found exactly what my heart had been most needing and desiring – I found all of YOU! Mere words cannot describe the love and gratitude of what I felt being in your presence, a devotion of love, acceptance, and willingness to be all that I needed – when I needed it the most. With everything that is within me – I am that I am.

Each and every one of you has not only touched my soul but has merged with it. I am humbled by the blessing that I feel each of you in totality and oneness every day, and that you are all so much a part of me as I hope I am a part of you. Forever you are my family Thank you for teaching me, loving me, and accepting ME. In the most profound Love and Light, Tricia S.

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for being my teacher, inspiration & guide. You have given me strength to walk the path with more grace, kindness, love, gentleness & compassion. I am honored to be a part of this school and receive wisdom from you & other teachers. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. It has enlightened it!I treasure every piece of wisdom I receive here, but most importantly, I try to live it in my life.

With gratitude & love,


I’ve wanted to send a note of gratitude and love since I returned to my Havana, Florida home. I’ve decided to send you all the same written message……….that I know that Delphi is the best thing I’ve done for myself. Special place, special people, special love……just exquisitely special! Thank you. xxxxxxxx. So much in so many ways has shifted.

Coming back sometime soon (more to learn and grow) and looking forward to seeing you all. Many thanks again for sharing your time and talents.

Love, Nancy A.

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to take a moment and with all of my heart tell you all thank you!

What you are doing is really incredible…you are the most loving and understanding teachers and people I have known…I am amazed out of all the things I have studied how cutting edge and truthful your teachings are…I feel so incredibly blessed to have found you…because of your loving, compassionate way of empowering us I am truly healing in a way I have not felt before..I am feeling I can go forth and hope to be a loving light for others…
The classes are so incredible, deep and insightful…also so much fun!
stay true!!! Sending soooo much love and gratitude!!

Love Deb!!

Dear Delphi Family,

I love you!  Thank you!  I would say, you changed my life
You would say, you changed your life, I would say, I owe you
You would say, except for your items from the bookstore, your account is paid in full
I would say, I want to stay forever, You would say, everyone says that
So I say, I love you! You are awesome, great, amazing, life changing, awe-inspiring, liberating, loving, dynamic, simply the best!

I would go on about our qualities, but our session is over.

Thank you, Charles, for your extraordinary generosity in teaching us with such passion and commitment. Your light and love pour through every lesson and every story. I am grateful to the core for your wisdom, humor, light, and love! Pat R.

Hi Charles and Kimberly,

A quality I admire so much in you both is your kindness. Your kindness had such a huge impression on me while I was at Delphi that when I think of either of you today, all my senses are enlivened because I can feel, see, hear, and smell your kindness. Yes, it is so tangible and alive and even has an aroma! I could feel it all throughout my time there even when I was not physically with you. I experience this degree of kindness that you both embody as phenomena because it opened my heart. Thank you for Being Light.

This year has already been one of the most memorable and powerful years of my life since I was able to celebrate my 33rd birth year with you all at Delphi! It was the perfect time and place for me to receive the messages of Oneness, Christ Consciousness, and what is being birthed right now. I enjoyed so much being like a sponge and receiving guidance, visions, and messages during the meditations, classes, the healings, the energization, and all the spaces in between. It was all perfectly abundant, supportive and flowing to direct me in the next phase of my life as I serve and share my gifts with the world. I have already introduced lotus and trance healing to my mom and dad who each experienced something extraordinary. It’s a great blessing to be able to share with family!

I am also learning how to integrate my lessons from Delphi with business school for my Masters in Information Systems. Our assignment was to integrate the topic of Organizational DNA to a personal life experience. I attached my report for you to read if you’d like – it’s about how Resilient Organizations parallel Resilient people. I was so proud of writing it because I felt more open to share about Me and the learnings from Delphi which I am extremely proud of.
I will continue to help those that I can with these healing techniques, my divine gifts, abilities, and most of all- Love. I look forward to returning soon to continue learning and enjoying this journey with you.

In Love & Light,
Angelife P.

Dearest Judy and Janice,

It has been about three months since I studied, practiced, and experienced the Yandi Inner Light class with you at Delphi.

First, I want to thank you both for you excellent teaching and encouragement. As a teacher and therapist myself, I know both the value of encouraging our students and challenging them to push them past their comfort zone. You are both quite skilled at this, and I can’t help but think of you as the “Mommas of tough love.”

For anyone desiring to get to the root cause of reoccurring patterns of behavior and realizing why one may be staying in that pattern, and, most importantly, how to rid oneself of this self damaging behavior, I would highly encourage them to undergo Yandi therapy. Personally, I can attest that the initial process was very enlightening for me. It opened my eyes to the point of a life-changing level.

Although the actual therapy was completed in just a few days, the “processing” of all I experieced continues. The peak and I believe the major point of change has actually occurred quite recently.

What I learned in Yandi about myself has made me see what I think, feel, and do from a new prospective. As a result, I have been able to achieve peace in a relationship situation that has been “tearing me apart” for over two years. I feel whole and at peace, because of what I learned about myself in Yandi.

I am filled with gratitude for you and the process.
Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think may benefit.
I am looking forward to seeing you in August.

With much love and many blessings,

Kimberly, Thank you and Thank Charles for this wonderful weekend. It’s great having family, friends and a home to go to. I want to thank you personally for creating the space and reminding me (us) who we are and what we are meant to do in this world. 

The journey has its bumps, but nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the energy , the high, the light one feels when being in the energy of healing and love. The fullness in my heart is one that I was blessed to experience this weekend. For me, helping out on Friday with Healing Sanctuary set the tone for what the weekend was going to bring. Being there for Carlos and the other RoHun grads reminded me of the day I graduated and the memories that came with the experience. 

It is great to be a part of a group and watch as they transform and see the light shine in their faces….not to mention the craziness and fun that they bring. I’m proud of him and them all, for taking the journey. Listening to Charles journey was another layer of hope and inspiration. His way of explaining God and healing leaves me encouraged and empowered to look and experience more. I appreciate him and all the times he has shared the gems and insights during and after class. Janice’s time of sharing really got me thinking. 

I wish I had recorded it so that I can listen to it over and over. I’m grateful I had gone thru RoHun first, because I can embrace more and more the God/Light in me and the power that is waiting to express and manifest. Then comes the movie….the tool to be used so that man can start to think once again, to look at God, energy and healing in a new perspective. The book was encouraging and was great to learn about Mauricio’s life and what he had accomplished. Making the movie took it further and gave a visual impact of Mauricio’s life and also brought in an impact, questioning the wonder and power of man , God, light and energy. It awakens the question in man about who we really are, what is this energy all about, what is this light about…..etc, etc, etc. 

I’m grateful to have seen the movie and am encouraged to be in a time when this will be released in the near future for all to see. Sunday Chair Healing….all I can say was I wish I could have stayed till the very end. It was absolutely awesome, cosmic and wonderful. It was light…I know you know what I mean. It was great being lost in bliss and being there for others. Carlos, Vickie and I were in another dimension on the ride to airport. 

We were all so touched and happy. It was a great way for me to end the weekend. Thank you for your love and encouragement. Thanks for the opportunity

All the best to you and Charles, Jesse R.

Dear Janice, Charles, Kimberly, Judy and Steve: Again, I have to thank all of you for the hard work (and I mean hard work) that you have put in teaching me. My most recent patient is a middle-aged female with chronic pancreatitis. She has been to the Mayo Clinic, University of Chicago and other medical centers. She is probably been seen by at least 25 physicians have over the past six months has spent at least three months hospitalized. This episode of pancreatitis began right after her mother had a stroke and she had to put both her mother and her father into a retirement village. She was by herself in all of these activities including getting her parents’ house up for sale. She stated that her brother had really abandoned her with this effort and that she had no help from anybody – a real loss in the “sweetness” of life. In addition, her father, for her whole life has been derogatory to her. Her mother on the other hand had been the opposite. But as her mother got older, the relationship changed to one of the caregiver rather than the child – again, real loss in the “sweetness” of life. Patient also has a history of stomach issues as well as significant amounts of repressed anger. She also has a history of not being able to digest different foods. The patient talked for a while and I realize that she needed some serious energy work done in all of her chakras and that some healing of the third chakra may give her some significant relief from pancreatitis. She will be coming in next week for her initial color and sound therapy. After that, then we’ll see what blocks need to be removed as well as what additional healing therapies are needed. What is interesting with this patient is that we have discussed this almost 12 months ago and she dismissed this therapy is being a little too out there. Today, she enthusiastically embraces the entire concept and wants to start as soon as possible. It’s interesting what life-threatening illness can do to the ego. Thank you all again for making me a better physician – better diagnostician and technician. Love, Pat M. MD

Charles, I was sitting reading “The Synthesis of Yoga” this morning (second time) and it dawned on me that one year ago today I left Delphi after completing Advanced Channeling. That visit was certainly an amazing week and the beginning of my spiritual journey. While I came to Delphi to learn and with no agenda, I still had an intellectual arrogance formed through years of biblical studies and four years of seminary…it must have been the intervention of Divine Grace which allowed me the openness and wideness to “take in” these new Truths. Additionally, the happenings during the daily meditations certainly were seminal events in my spiritual life. I am so grateful for you, Kimberly, Judy, etc…My life is forever transformed. Love, Matt G

Vogel Light Machine

Hi Kimberly,

It’s so wonderful to hear from you! Let me just say that I absolutely adore you and you are in my thoughts a lot, especially considering that I’m reading “Man of Light” so I feel like I’m on a journey with you every time I pick up the book and read another page. I love the story about Mauricio and your life with him, and I often wonder how extraordinary, how magical it must have been to be with him. Back to present time… It is not often that I meet people who leave a profound impression on me, and you are such person. I guess what is striking about you is your authenticity and the uncensored way in which you engage with people – I thank you for that. I also thank you for your teachings and the brilliant work that you and others do at Delphi (even Steve, with the “one who cares” meditation – I’m kidding!). What came to me during the last couple of days at Delphi was that I had found my spiritual home there. I am certainly interested in pursuing more course work, so you’ll be seeing me a lot during the next few years! I look forward to it with delight.

Love, Rita C.


I just wanted to thank you all so much for your love and guidance. You are each in my heart and I look anxiously forward to returning to Delphi very soon. Blessings and the Light of the Irish lore to you all this St Patty’s day!! love Bridget M.

My dearest Kimberly, Patricia, and Kelly, Hi Kimberly v Charles,

What a nice treat to be able to see both of you while I was at Delphi. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. First for being YOU and second for all the loving dedication that you do to serve others. It is not an easy job and yet you both do it years after years. Delphi will strive and will always be the place where people call “Home”. 

You are tirelessly clearing all the negative, heavy energy that people brought with them for their healing. They come home clean so they can serve others. What a grandeur mission! Kimberly, thank you for your offer of your DVD. I will wait until they are available to purchase. Your selfless contribution to make those documentaries is more than enough gift for me. You, Patricia, and Kelly are some of the most respected women in my life whom I am thankful for daily. Without your dedication to serve I wouldn’t be where I am now. Now it’s my turn to share what I received from you with whoever can benefit. Since 2 years ago I noticed my life has changed. I am being led to events or people which benefit to my growth. Realization after realization pouring forth with each event. Now, I realize I am always guided for my next step in my personal growth. 

What an incredible life transformation! My work is just the beginning. It is hard work and full of dedication – as you all show me. It is easier to walk through when my purpose is clear: to serve God in everything that I do. I am still learning and I am thankful every day to experience this growth and transformation in this lifetime. With all your blessings I know I am ok.

Love you & thank you always, Evi

Good morning Kimberly & Charles,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday. Of course it is always “good” to be “home” with all of you and see everyone. I didn’t get a chance to personally speak to either one of you…don’t know how that happened. So I wanted to say that I felt the day was such a success on so many levels. It is truly a time for gathering and sharing what we all feel deep within our Beings, and also a time to express the excitement, anticipation and joy we all feel. 

You two did a great job presenting, while sharing your insights, laughter and love with us all. I miss you already! Please know that we’re all out here taking forward what we learn and experience there…it does not stop once we drive away; but it is soooooo good to be in the “spiritual womb” for replenishment and reconnecting. Kimberly, is it possible to get a copy of the channeled information that went along with the picture included in our handouts.

 I would love to be able to share that with my group. Just let me know. Sending energetic hugs to you both since I didn’t get to do that on Saturday.

In Love, Light & Gratitude, Debbie L. M.S., Transpersonal Psychology

As always the journal is enlightening and the energy in every cell is connected and felt as i read and enjoy pictures of so many familiar faces. On so many levels the Delphi family changed my perception of life to one of Oneness and freed me to express my Self & Spirit as One. Many thanks again to you all and hope to place my physical presence on your grounds again. My son is getting close the age for Delphinia and I cannot wait for him to experience it!! Much peace and love. Beth L.

Dearest Kimberly & Charles,

I want to thank you both for the amazing healings I received this weekend. I cannot express how I feel right now except to say different….. something shifted. Everyone and everything at Delphi is/are wonderful and I hope to return in Oct or Nov for the In-depth Channeling class; it’s where I need to be and what I should be doing. I am going to email Kelly also and find out about the tuition etc., hopefully I can return soon. It was a pleasure meeting you both.

In light and love, xoxo Marlee

Dear Kimberly,

My heart is filled to overflowing, and I must express my heartfelt LOVE for you. I just finished listening to the Energies Weekend cd’s and I was continually moved. I want you to know, that even though I was not there I thought of you all weekend and sent you love and light as you shared your love, wisdom, messages and deep healing………… I listened to the cd’s in my car on my long morning/evening commutes. And I was able to meet my Elephant totem as I listened to you guide the group……….I was blessed to meet a baby and it’s Mother. And my message was “Be at peace, in all you do and say be at Peace.” The other meditations I will do when I am able to be home and still………. You have touched my life in so many ways…………and I still remember when you came to A Peaceful Place and taught your Emotional Literacy class……… my healing center………and when we did the circle and we all had a chance to be in the circle. We sang each person’s name. I remember you saying what a powerful healer I was……….that changed my life………it lifted me to another level in my growth and healing……….BUT for me your love, the PURE LOVE you continually express from you heart has touched me and taught me so very much………… I know we are sisters………of the most profound lineage………..and I am so honored to have you in my life this life……….

With deepest sincerity, Suzanne M.

To the Staff and Teachers of Delphi,

Thank you SOOOOOO much for the insight. I have been wondering if the teachers of Delphi had encouraging words of wisdom for those us that cannot get to Delphi for continued support and rejuvenation. I am still attached to Delphi in spirit and dearly miss my visits. This insight is helpful and of comfort to me being that it is an announcement from Delphi. I have a few followers that seek my wisdom. While I do not have a healing center or active practice out here, I do have a small talking circle of women.

 In my Native American culture, they are Healers too so we get together to learn from each other and encourage each other. I will share this information with them to keep the light moving with them too. Again, thank you soo much for this announcement! 

Charles, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! I miss all of you!! I sit here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as i write this. When doubt or fear starts to creep into my thoughts, i always remember the Delphi teachings or imagine myself at Delphi for the energy, and i am always comforted by the remembrance of Delphi…. Many blessing of love and light to you all….

 Ramona O.

I just want to thank you all for the wonderful energy at Delphi – I spent the weekend there relaxing and met some beautiful people, as I do each time I go you all…  Annette T.

Dear Kelly, Kimberly, Steve, Charles, Linda, and Judy!

Thank you so much for an incredible week of love, light, self-discovery,
stretching, folding, small frustrations, big victories, friendship, forgiveness, clarity,
amazement, focus, learning, movement, color, sound, growth, and experience!

Thank you for your warm hospitality and delicious food!
Thank you for your teachings and patience and for all the miracles that fit into 7 days.

Delphi – You’re really something special!

With lots of gratitude and even more LOVE!


Thank you so much for taking the time out to heal my daughter. She said her spleen is so much better now.

Kim B.

I want to first thank all who have sent their congratulations to me. It truly means a lot. But none of this would not be possible without the Love and Light taught at Delphi University.

Big thanks to all my instructors: Kimberly Curcio, Charles Curcio, Kelly Hayes, Janice Hayes, Linda Griffith, Steve Smith & Judy Potter.

And to my classmates for all your help, support and love. What a powerful group. I am humbled to have met you all!

Joe Boni


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