Delphi Founders, Directors, & Staff

For many years it had been a dream of Patricia Hayes and Marshall Smith to use their extensive experience, knowledge and research in intuitive and spiritual development, spiritual psychotherapy and metaphysical healing to develop a structured system of study combining intuitive and spiritual training with holistic regeneration and healing for personal transformation.

This dream has been fulfilled by the formation of Delphi University which has a curriculum based upon sound energy and psycho-spiritual principles, and provides the expertise and the accompanying certifications and degrees upon completion. The programs of study demonstrate the applicability and viability of combining intuitive training, psycho-spiritual therapies, and metaphysical healing and wisdom into a highly effective system of holistic healing, spiritual understanding, and personal empowerment. Using the most innovative methods and experiential training, Delphi students and graduates are able to begin their own private practices as Healers, Readers, Therapists, Counselors, Life Coaches, and Holistic Practitioners.

Patricia Hayes founded the Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics in 1964 and has educated thousands of students worldwide in the areas of Intuitive and Spiritual Development, Energy Healing, Transpersonal Psychology, Metaphysics, Ancient Mystery Teachings, and Alternative and Complementary Medical Therapies. In 1974, under the guidance and direction of Spirit, and with her husband Marshall Smith, she founded Delphi University, and in 1984 she founded the RoHun™ Institute. Delphi University has certified Practitioners, Therapists, Masters, and Doctors of Healing practicing in over 20 different countries. Patricia is an international speaker, lecturer, teacher, and author who has appeared on many major television programs including Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries, Unexplained Mysteries and Strange Universe. She also headed the psychic investigation of the Queen Mary, and she is the author of six books: “Intuitive and Spiritual Development”, “Know Yourself”, “How to Conduct a Séance”, “The Gatekeeper”, “The Extension of Life” which she co-authored with her husband, Marshall Smith, “The Adventures of Prince Abba and Magi Patiput”, “What is RoHun™, and her Entura Spiritual Art masterpiece “Light from the Heavens”. Marshall Smith is the author of Spiritual Anatomy I and II, which have become the bible and sourcebook of Spiritual Anatomy, the Human Energy System, and the evolution of the human/spiritual physiology.

Delphi Founders
Patricia Hayes, Marshall Smith


Patricia and Marshall established the current Delphi University and Retreat Center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia in 1985. Marshall is a retired Vice President and Corporate Officer of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. He crossed over to the other side in January 2018 at the age of 85. While on earth, he specialized in alternative medicine and healing, and was a noted healer, speaker, lecturer, teacher, and author. His love and life’s interest was dedicated to the study of Spiritual Anatomy, and he has passed on his wonderful teachings, wisdom, and insight to us. Marshall is currently collaborating with Patricia on a book about life after life on the higher planes, a cutting-edge treatise and spiritual study of what actually occurs on the human journey, and how one can best manage life transition.

Delphi Directors

Kimberly Hayes Curcio has been a gifted psychic since she was a small girl. Throughout her life she has worked extensively with her mother and Delphi University Founder Patricia Hayes, helping to channel, develop, and expand the methods and the processes used at Delphi University. A rare and unique spirit, Kimberly is a gifted teacher, counselor, and healer, and is the author of “Man of Light”, the story of her life with her late husband, Mauricio Panisset, who had the gift of “Light Phenomena” that he used in his healing work. Kimberly continues this work today, training others in the Light Energization™ technique along with many other courses and channeling methods she teaches at Delphi. Kimberly is also the producer of the new film, “Man of Light, a Manifestation of Miracles”, a chronicle on the life of Mauricio Panisset and other famous healers like Alex Orbito, Doctor Geddes, and John of God. Kimberly is married to Delphi Director Charles Curcio, and serves as President of Delphi University.

Charles Curcio, Kimberly Hayes Curcio

Charles Paul Curcio has been a gifted healer since he was a young boy. He began his spiritual studies as a young man and used these principles to become a successful entrepreneur and self-made man. Charles is the founder and former CEO of Tire Kingdom. In 1996 he retired from his business to devote his life fully to healing, teaching, and service to God. In his work as a director and instructor at Delphi, Charles teaches channeling, healing, and metaphysics, and has taught and introduced many new alternative healing therapies including Color and Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Sacred Language, and Laser Crystal Surgery. Charles is also the author of The New Day, An Autobiography, Entrepreneur’s Guide, and Spiritual Primer. Charles is the President of the Church of Wisdom, and he and his wife Kimberly are Directors. Kimberly and Charles are the builders of the beautiful Temple of Wisdom Complex at Delphi. Charles is also the Chief Financial Officer of Delphi University.

Kelly Hayes has been with Delphi since its inception in the sixties as The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship in Miami, Florida. When she was 17 years of age, she took over the full responsibility for food preparation and catering for the school. Kelly has been an important contributor to the school’s development: first in Miami, then in opening expanded teaching centers in Durham, North Carolina and Cumming, Georgia, and finally to the school’s current location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. In 2003, Kelly assumed the responsibilities as Director of Administration for Delphi University. Kelly is responsible for day to day operation of the school. In addition to her many responsibilities at Delphi she also manages a busy home. Kelly is also an accomplished stained glass artist and is the creator of the magnificent and inspirational stained glass windows in the Temple of Wisdom, Temple of Light, and around the Delphi campus.
Kelly Hayes
Delphi Director

Delphi Staff Members

Linda Griffith – Born a sensitive and a visionary, Linda Griffith is a graduate of Delphi University and a Doctor of RoHun™. She has spent her entire life on the spiritual path, with over forty years of experience assisting and guiding others to discover their true selves. According to Linda, her greatest enjoyment is to help people on their spiritual paths and to participate in and watch the transformation of those who come here to Delphi. Since 1985 Linda has worked on the staff of Delphi University, teaching numerous courses including In-Depth Channeling, Metaphysician, and RoHun™ studies to name but a few. She is a co-creator of Emotional Literacy, a spiritual development course for adults and children, a certified Voyager Tarot Teacher & Consultant, Life Coach, and a certified Colon Hydrotherapist.
Linda Griffith
Janice Hayes is a master teacher, Doctor of RoHun™ therapy, and a modern mystic, who has been working in the field of spiritual development since 1973. One of the original members of the Arthur Ford Academy, Janice is finely attuned to the spiritual dimensions of Light while serving as a down-to-earth teacher of spirituality, transpersonal psychology, healing, and metaphysics. Her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are highly developed. Using her gifts of humor, love, clarity, and wisdom, she guides her students into their inner world and celebrates with them as they make leaps in consciousness. The founder of Lightworks, a highly successful company providing spiritual workshops and classes in California, Janice moved to McCaysville, Georgia in 1997, bringing her teaching skills and intuitive talents to Delphi University. At Delphi, Janice brings a high level of devotion and dedication to her classes in both the Metaphysician and RoHun™ educational pathways. She also facilitates both RoHun™ and Yhandi’s Inner Light therapies, and is an excellent intuitive reader and spiritual counselor. Her meditation CD, Journeys in the Garden of the Heart is changing lives, bringing healing and spiritual awakening around the world. Janice is also the author of “Ro-Hun™ Therapy The Greatest Transformational Process of Our Time”, a source book that explains the miracle of RoHun™ Therapy.
Janice Hayes
Judy Potter has been a pioneer in spiritual consciousness development and training for more than thirty years. Her presentations are rich and diverse, blending metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and spirituality in a unique and powerful way. Her methodized workshops are filled with love, humor, wisdom, and personal anecdotes, insights, and practical exercises for personal and professional transformation. One of the original members of the Arthur Ford Academy, Judy has served for many years on the staff of Delphi University. She teaches intuitive and spiritual development, metaphysics, complementary and alternative healing therapies, RoHun™ Transpersonal Psychology and much more. She is a Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy and a Yhandi Inner Child Rescue facilitator. Judy is also an incredible healer, intuitive reader and counselor, and astrologer.
Judy Potter
Judy Potter

Elizabeth Hood is a Doctor of RoHun™ Therapy and holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Delphi University. Elizabeth is the founder of East of Eden Wellness Services in Marietta, Georgia, and author of “The Ascension Device: An Accelerated Path to Enlightenment”. She is a spiritual counselor, transpersonal psychotherapist, and alternative healing practitioner, as well as an accomplished public speaker, artist, and teacher. A certified Entura Spiritual Art instructor, she teaches Entura Art classes at Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia. Learn more about Elizabeth, her background, and her services at

Elizabeth Hood
Elizabeth Hood

Additional Teaching Staff Members:
Steve Smith, Haleigh Hayes, Charee Shubert

Delphi Administrative Staff Members:
Administrative Assistant – Haleigh Hayes
Facility Maintenance and Repairs – Pat McDonald, Shane Tipton
Food Service – Charee Shubert
Housekeeping – Haleigh Hayes
Healing Sanctuary Healers – Charles Curcio, Haleigh Hayes, David Robinson, Charee Shubert, Steve Smith, Joyce Simoneau

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