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In-Depth Channeling

March 25 - April 1

No Prerequisite

Entura Art I

Apr 30 - May 4

No prerequisites
No art skills required
Fun and Enlightening

Entura Art drawing by Patricia Hayes - Delphi University of Spiritual Studies

Inner Sanctuary Training

April 1-3

No Prerequisites
Open to All
3-day Class

Registration is quick and easy. Join us for a fun-filled and inspired experience beyond the physical plane and discover what we're really all about. Follow either link below to the Registration/Enrollment forms and let the journey begin.

Healing Sanctuary / CWS Weekend Retreats
First Friday/Weekend of Each Month (except January)
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Mar 3-5 • Apr 7-9
May 5-7 • June 2-4

July 7-9 • August 4-6
September 1-3

October 6-8 • November 3-5
December 1-3

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