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Delphi University Tuition, Cost and Financing

Delphi University & Spiritual Center

Class Tuition Schedule – Effective March 1, 2022

All Course Fees include Food & Lodging

Delphi University Financing

How it Works

Delphi University will provide 6-36 month financing to qualified students for Inner Sanctuary Training, In-Depth Channeling, Metaphysician Practitioner, and RoHun Practitioner Programs, or other courses on a per course, multiple courses, or program basis. You can sign up for one or more courses or a full program. Students can attend the course(s) tailored to their own schedule consistent with the Delphi University Class Schedule.

Delphi University provides private, unsecured, credit-based loans for tuition. The Loan rate is 1% per month, 12% per year. A Down Payment of 25% of the tuition costs is required. Borrowers must be US citizens or Legal Residents (Permanent Resident/Alien Card, 1551 Stamp, or Certificate of Naturalization), meet established credit requirements, be of legal age, and can use credit-worthy cosigners if necessary to secure loan approval. The loan covers tuition (which includes room and board for the duration of the course) but does not include other costs such as transportation and incidentals. You must execute a separate contract each time a class or group of classes is financed.

Loan Limits and Costs

Applicants can apply for an amount up to 75% of the total cost of their education. The minimum loan amount is $520.  No loan fees will be charged.

Finance Options and Terms

You can choose a repayment plan of six months up to 36 months. All monthly payments begin the month after the first disbursement and are due by the 10th of each month. A 10-day grace period will also apply. Payments not received by us after the 20th of the month are past due A late fee of 5% will be charged on any past due payments. Prepayments can be made anytime without penalty. If payment is made in full, all future interest charges will be credited back to the payoff amount.


You choose the classes/programs you want to take and you decide when you want to attend the school, consistent with Delphi's Class Schedule. You decide on the amount and terms of the loan you want. We recommend that you borrow only what you need. The tuition amount is charged to your account at the beginning of each class or class period so that your account is not charged for tuition until each class or group of classes commences. It is recommended that you enroll in one of our complete educational programs. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new loan each time you want to add to your program schedule. You can reschedule or cancel future classes up to one week prior to the scheduled class start date. Any applicable refunds will be credited back to your student loan account.

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