Schools of Healing at Delphi

Patricia Hayes School

Advanced Spiritual Healing

RoHun™ Institute

Revolutionary Interpersonal Therapy

Entura Institute

Channeling Energy to Canvas
Arthur Ford School
Inspired by spiritual pioneer and psychic Arthur Ford, the school focuses on Spiritual Training and Psychic Development through the esoteric In-Depth Channeling program. Ford’s spiritual teacher, Yogananda, is considered the 20th century's first superstar guru. Delphi founder Patricia Hayes was Arthur’s personal assistant.
In-Depth Channeling is the foundation course at Delphi.
Patricia Hayes School

The Patricia Hayes School of Healing & Metaphysics at Delphi provides comprehensive Spiritual Training where you will learn effective and multiple forms of Energy Healing and Healer Training, Advanced methods of Channeling, Breathing, and Meditation, Ancient Mystery Teachings, Alternative Healing Methods, the Journey of the Soul, Spiritual Anatomy, Light Energization™, and much more.
The Patricia Hayes School offers Practitioner, Master, and Doctorate level certifications and degrees after successful completion of all course requirements.

RoHun™ Institute
RoHun™ is the miraculous and transformative process and interpersonal therapy that utilizes an individual’s spiritual strength to facilitate Healing and Transformation. Through accessing The Higher Self and Inspired Mind, RoHun™ effectively and lovingly releases blocked energy and hidden shadows that prevent a joyful and productive life. There are eleven different RoHun™ therapies.

Students achieve certifications and degrees after successful completion of the course requirements.
Entura Institute

The Entura Institute offers unique training in channeling spiritual energies, information, and wisdom through spiritual art, with a multiple level course curriculum that teaches the aspiring Entura Artist in the theories, techniques, and therapy modalities of healing one’s self and others using Transpersonal Spiritual Art.

No previous art training is necessary.

The Entura Spiritual Art programs offer Certification Programs, as well as Bachelor and Master Degrees upon successful completion of the respective course requirements.

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