Consciousness Creates

Quantum Physics and Our Reality

A new Delphi class with & Elizabeth Hood & Kimberly Curcio

Experiments in quantum physics now support what the ancients knew millennia ago …. We create our reality. In this new and exciting course, we reveal just how mighty we are as creators. We explore ancient writings and philosophies that describe this fundamental Law of the Universe, and we examine how modern-day quantum physics theories support this amazing and powerful truth… Consciousness Creates!  In addition to reviewing the wisdom and science behind our role as the creators of our reality, we will look at the reality we have created and begin to build a new vision for the areas in our life we are ready to change. We will also learn techniques to bring this new awareness into our daily lives. You are creating your reality whether you know it or not. Come explore how to consciously create your reality. 

• Create your own vastly improved reality
• Build a new vision and transform your life
• Apply super-awareness to your consciousness

Where: Delphi University
When: TBA
Length of Class: 4 Days, 3 Nights
Cost: $1695 includes Food & Lodging
For more information or registration: Toll-Free 1-888-335-7448

Please join Kimberly Curcio and Elizabeth Hood for this cutting-edge workshop and learn how to recreate your reality.

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