A Graduate's Tribute To Delphi

Graduation Class

Today is a very special Day… it’s Graduation Day….the Celebration Day. It is the Day that Spirit celebrates our evolution in awareness and consciousness. It is the Day that our amazing teachers celebrate our transformations. It is the day that our Souls dance in gratitude and joy celebrating us for answering the call to go deeper within, empowering our connection with God. It is the day where our hearts are filled with divine light celebrating our infinite desire to fulfill our Creator’s dream to come closer and closer to our vocation, our purpose, and our mission.

The Sufi Master Rumi said: “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction”. I ran by plane many many times all the way from Lebanon to Delphi because my heart knew it is the right way. I have studied Clinical Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral therapy as well as other healing modalities, but I still had several questions that were not answered. Today, I have so much gratitude to God and the Universe for guiding my heart to this magical and sacred place, Delphi, where I got the answers to my most pressing questions. Every time I came here, it was coming home physically and coming home to the Self within. The knowledge, wisdom and healing modalities we received were beyond what words can describe. They have enriched every physical and energetic nucleus of our being.

The beginning of this year was difficult for all of us and especially Patricia, after the loss of her beloved Marshall. But we all know how well he transitioned in a divine way to work with dear Patricia from higher dimensions. God Bless him and his journey infinitely. His words will always be engraved in our hearts. I love this quote from his Spiritual Anatomy book: “Spirit is integrated within matter through you and me when we are enlightened. We know we are one with the One Light of All that flows through us in all we do in the natural world. We are the light of today”.

When I came to the first class in Delphi, I thought I will just do that. I found myself finishing the Metaphysical Doctorate. Then I said that is it. I will never do RoHun seeing the faces of RoHun students in the Cafeteria. However, my thoughts and feelings started screaming for attention, so I had to answer the call again and my God what an experience!!! At first, I felt I would develop an identity disorder. Then, the emotions and thoughts became like a chicken soup. We would cry, laugh, live in denial, see reality, feel worthless, feel happy, feel in control and then out of control……All in just one hour! It was the most intense journey of Self Discovery in my entire life. But you know what…..we did it! WE DID IT!

It is the most precious gift given to us from our superb teachers in Delphi. IT HAS TRANSFORMED OUR LIVES. I can proudly say now I LOVE RoHun.

I take this opportunity today to say how grateful we are to have outstanding teachers at Delphi whom have transformed our personalities, perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and vibrations to empower every aspect of our lives.

Dear Patricia, Thank you for your passionate manifestations and making it all happen.

Kimberly, You have taught us what Loving Energia, devotion, and humility really mean.

Charles, you have opened our chakras with your loving Color & Sound vibrations, so they shine like precious crystals.

Steve, your caring & beautiful meditations, channelings of Arthur Ford and spiritualizing anatomy gifted us wings to travel to higher dimensions.

Janice, you have dropped veils and veils of uncertainty and lovingly opened gateways to connect with cosmic energies to clarify our direction and purpose.

Judy, the mother of all, your love, wisdom and ability to dive patiently and deeply within us to raise our consciousness and awareness are beyond what words can describe.

Kelly, Danielle & Charee, You make Delphi home for everyone with your wonderful cuisine and unconditional love.

Linda, you were the butterfly transforming our stress to joy and simplifying obstacles.

Nancy, a lovely teacher and a pioneer in combining Science with Energy Healing.

Audrey, your wisdom, joy and care made us believe that RoHun is not that scary by singing thoughts and feelings.

Bruce, your endless support will always be remembered with every purchase from the Oasis Gallery.

Nikki, and Lazaro you beautified our stay in a generous way.

All of that joy in our journey at Delphi would have not been the same without my beautiful Sisters and Brothers whom I have met in Delphi. I was so privileged to enjoy each and every single one of them. We have shared life-time memorable moments and learned a lot from each other. We created special spiritual bonds that will last infinitely. My deepest gratitude for crossing paths.

I was honored to graduate with 4 beautiful Sisters whom I would like to Congratulate and wish them the best in every step on their new RoHunic path.

Pam: you are my twin sister who radiates love, compassion and healing energy

Monica: I will never forget your miraculous healing experience & our great forever bond. Love you.

Heidi: your uniqueness and kindness are priceless. Thank you for teaching me to express Self. Love you.

Beverly: I always said I want to be like you having the motivation and the love to keep learning with no age restriction. God bless you.

We were so blessed and privileged to share our RoHun Classes with a beautiful soul who has a golden heart that is ready to help and give with no limits. Love you great brother David Robertson. You are an amazing healer.

I would like to end by saying thank you Arthur Ford and Mauricio for your divine teachings, messages, Channelings and insights. You are always in our hearts. God Bless you all. We pray that Delphi will create an international bridge of Love & Light that connects everyone to the outstanding well of love, wisdom and harmony present in this sacred place we call home, Delphi. I enjoyed being with you in Spirit on this special day. Congratulations to Everyone

Love & Light,

Dina xoxox

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