Voyager Tarot

with Linda B. Griffith

For Beginners or Experts – Voyager Tarot is a Revolutionary Way of Using Voyager Tarot Intuition Cards for the 21st Century. You’ve never experienced Tarot like this before!

VOYAGER TAROT – Mindfulness Psychology

This revolutionary new way of using the ancient art of Tarot is a new meta-psychology. It is a path for becoming the “Universal Human” by “doing it yourself” through a “transformative mindfulness practice”; for living whole through a healthy mind, body, heart and soul, and for being successful in life through interactive and psychological “roadmaps” which Voyager can provide. This “edutaining” style of counseling yourself and others through the Cards has re-imagined and reinvented psychology as a self-defining, self-supporting, self-guiding and self-navigation tool for the 21st century.

With Your Voyager Tarot Teacher, Guide, and Mentor Linda B. Griffith leading the way, you will learn the sophisticated methods of Voyager Tarot and experience a wondrous, playful, friendly, and expansive understanding of self and others.
On top of all this… it’s a Career Opportunity!
Become a Certified Voyager Tarot Counselor!
Upon completion of this workshop and an additional 20 hours of consultations and Tarot readings, you will be qualified as a certified Voyager Tarot Consultant.

The Voyager Tarot . . .

Reveals the whole journey of life and knowing what you want.
Inspires the passion and perspective to complete your mission
Teaches how to use this practical and awe-inspiring map of higher consciousness

The Voyager Tarot is not fortune telling, but fortune creation as you learn how to use this proactive tool for gaining insights and results.

  • Change your life
  • Achieve your visions and dreams
  • Create the success you desire
  • Forecast your future
  • Reveal secrets of your subconscious
  • Gain spiritual inspiration
  • Navigate all aspects of your life with confidence and clarity!

Voyager Tarot Certification Class
4 Day Intensive
All Lodging and Meals are included in the course fee.

Course Fee: $1375

Course Date:
May 10-13, 2023



Internationally known Teacher and Intuitive

Linda is a master reader and teacher of the Voyager Tarot cards. She has studied and taught with the originator of the Voyager Tarot, James Wanless, for many years She combines her depth of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom together with the beauty and energies of the symbols on the cards into a unique, personal, inspiring, and fulfilling workshop and readings. She weaves the many aspects of her students/client’s life into a cohesive understanding of where they are, where they are going and why. Be prepared to be inspired and have fun!!!!

In addition to being a gifted teacher and reader, Linda is a Doctor of Metaphysics and Ro‐ Hun therapy. As the Co‐creator of the Emotional Literacy program she is an international speaker and workshop leader. Most importantly, Linda has dedicated her life her to promoting peace, love, and conscious living throughout the world.

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