Connecting With Spirit Holistic Healing Program

Inspiring, Enlightening, and Transformational

Personal Healing & Spiritual Development Program

Connecting with Spirit is a personal Holistic Healing and Spiritual Development training program that includes a significant number of private healing sessions, and classroom training in Meditation, Personal Development, and Spiritual Understanding. In the program, you will learn to heal and enrich your life through the love and wisdom of Spirit.

This comprehensive program includes:

Holistic Scan − to identify areas blocking your spiritual progress
Intuitive and Spiritual Training
Private Healing Sessions and Regeneration Therapies
Clarity of your Life’s Purpose & Direction
Inner Sanctuary Training

Connecting with Spirit Personal Holistic Healing Program
Length of Program: 8 Days
Course Tuition includes Food & Lodging

Course Fee: $4500

2024 Course Dates

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