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Hello friends from your Delphi family,

We send you love, light, and infinite blessings (energy) from our beautiful campus and “Church of Wisdom” temple complex here at Delphi University in North Georgia.

We’re reaching out to you today for your support and generosity to beautify, update, and expand our Church of Wisdom temples. As you may know, we created and dedicated these unique buildings in service to God and for the ones who serve  Him. The two original temples have been in operation for nearly twenty years. It was my success at Tire Kingdom that enabled Kimberly and I to create and build our dream. It was truly one of our greatest adventures.

We’re now asking for your love and support to perform much needed improvements and maintenance to the temples and the grounds of the Church of Wisdom. We seek to maintain and improve the beauty and sanctity of our Church and Temple Complex, and to enhance the sacredness, light, and spiritual experience these structures and grounds provide for all who come here.

Our Temples of Wisdom, Light, and Healing provide an environment of love, healing, and energy, for the hearts of thousands of initiates and servants of the light who have studied and come here. Now the time has come to renew and revitalize the temples and the land surrounding them.

With your help we are planning on doing some upgrades to the buildings and the surrounding grounds including:
    1. Replenishing the gardens with new plants and floral planting, displays, landscaping, and general maintenance, and trimming back the overgrowth of bushes and trees around the buildings.
    2. The paths to the church need cleaning, exteriors need refurbishing, handrails built, and the parking area needs to be resurfaced and re-striped.
    3. The flooring in the Temples of Wisdom and Light need to be replaced, and some interior and exterior painting is also necessary.
The feeling of energy here is exceptional and we wish for our students, graduates, and guests to feel the energy and sense the light the moment they arrive here. While we always do our best to keep our church beautiful and welcoming, there are times when we need your love and support to accomplish these goals. The only financial support the church receives is from its members, students of Delphi, the school, and our guests. Here’s the most exciting news! We’re preparing to realize our final vision for the Temple of Healing. Rising skyward, we will complete the interior chambers on the second and third levels of the pyramid. Above the healing chamber, on the second level, we will add a meditation room, and on the third level, in the apex of the pyramid, in the tradition of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, we will create an initiation chamber. For these improvements to our sacred spaces, we humbly reach out to you, our Delphi family and friends, to help us achieve the next segment of the journey:  A complete sanctuary of love, light, and healing for all who seek direct spiritual experience and self-enlightenment.

The Church of Wisdom is a 501(c)3 religious organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated and can earn you a place on and recognition as an angel of healing on our beautiful amethyst angel in the Temple of Healing. Please consider becoming a Delphi Angel of Healing with your gift of love.

You can make a contribution today online, by mail or by phone.

Donate Online: The Church of Wisdom, Inc Purpose: Church of Wisdom Rejuvenation Project All donations are tax-deductible

Check or Money Order by Mail:

Send your check or money order payable to “The Church of Wisdom” to:

The Church of Wisdom, PO Box 1119, McCaysville, GA 30555

Donate by Phone:

To make a credit/debit card donation by phone:

Toll-free 1-888-335-7448 or local 706-492-2772

For more information:

Become An Angel of Healing

Becoming an Angel of Healing is an opportunity to establish and support an everlasting ministry and legacy of love, light, and healing. We are many, yet we are one. Each of us who have been blessed to come here can pave the way for those who will come in the future and receive the blessings of this sacred energy, by supporting our healing work. You can choose your support from multiple levels of contributions. All donations are tax-deductible, and your gift of any amount and your good intentions will make a difference. All contributors will be acknowledged for their generosity in commemorative plaques inscribed with their name to acknowledge their gift. With your gift of love, you can be a Delphi Angel of Healing. Thank you for your support.

Angel Contribution Levels

Good Samaritan Level$25 – 99
Angel of Healing Level$100 – 499
Archangel Uriel Level$500 – 999
Archangel Gabriel Level$1000 – 1499
Archangel Michael Level$1500 – 2499
Archangel Metatron Level$5000 – 9999
Buddha Level $10000 – 14999
Christ Level$15000 – 19999
Divine Mother Level$20000 – 25000
Divine Father Level$25000+

You can make a contribution using the Donate button below.

Donate to:
The Church of Wisdom, Inc
All donations are tax-deductible


The Church of Wisdom has designated and certified the teaching and education programs of Delphi University, and its subsidiaries, The Patricia Hayes School, Arthur Ford Academy, the RoHun Institute, and the Entura Spiritual Art Institute as the official educational and seminary programs for ordination as a Minister in the Church of Wisdom, in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of Georgia. The Church of Wisdom Inc., PO Box 1119, 725 Old Silver Mine Rd, McCaysville, GA 30555. If you are interested in becoming a spiritual therapist, energy healer, spiritual artist, or spiritual counselor, please follow the link below. Love, Light, and Many Blessings.

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