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Delphi University
A Spiritual Womb and Retreat

In the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, Delphi is a Center for Transformation, Renewal, and Higher Order Agendas. The term Delphi means “Spiritual Womb," the same as the center for wisdom and prophecy in ancient Greece. And just like our Greek counterpart, the contemporary Delphi is a place of high spiritual energy, a spiritual womb of the Divine where students refine and express their spiritual gifts and abilities, develop spiritual wisdom, capability, and insight, and have high mystical experiences. The contemporary Delphi is located on and surrounded by a beautiful whitewater river, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the three states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee come together on the map.

One hundred and eighty acres of heaven on earth, Delphi is a spiritual haven for anyone who is searching for the most innovative and effective methodologies in spiritual and intuitive development, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysical and holistic healing therapies.

Our unique credential giving Certification and Degree Programs and Quality Practical Training Programs make Delphi a resource capital for individuals seeking to heal themselves, to help others, and to begin their own private practice as a spiritual and intuitive counselor, a holistic healer and practitioner, a metaphysician, and/or a RoHun™ therapist.

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