Ancient Mystery Schools

In the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, Delphi is a center for transformation, renewal, and in some cases, a spiritual rebirth. The term Delphi means “Spiritual Womb,” the same as the Greek oracle prophecy. And just like our Greek counterparts, the contemporary Delphi is a place of high spiritual energy with a divine purpose where students draw upon their own spiritual abilities and develop a spiritually enriched attitude. 

One hundred and eighty acres of heaven on earth, Delphi is a spiritual haven for anyone who is searching for skills and practices in spiritual and intuitive development, and advancing into transpersonal psychology, metaphysician and holistic healing therapies

Delphi’s Certifications, Degree Programs and quality Practical Training Programs encourage our students to deeply explore their spirituality and derive the key to understanding the power they possess, and to take it further into their own private practice as spiritual and intuitive counselors or one of the other professional positions needing to be filled.

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