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Crystal Healing I

Crystal Healing I
How to Use & Work with Crystals

No Prerequisite. Open to everyone who loves Crystals and Minerals.

In this comprehensive three-day crystal course you will learn about the various qualities and properties of crystals, what to look for, and how to use them to help yourself and others for meditation, healing, higher communication, personal growth and manifestation, and planetary upliftment.

Crystals are great sources of light and energy, and are one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity. Human Beings and Crystals share a complementary existence. This course will introduce you to the magical worlds of the mineral kingdom. Among the many topics included in this experiential workshop are the following:

How to Use and Work with Crystals
Meditating with Crystals
Introduction to the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom
Crystal History – Past, present and future use of crystals
The 8 Crystal Types and Configurations
Planetary and Zodiac Relationships of Crystals
Selecting of Crystals, Care, Clearing, Charging, and Programming Crystals
The Quartz Family of Crystals
The 12 Master Crystals
The Magical and Healing Properties of Crystals
Important Healing Stones and Their Uses
Balancing the Chakras with Crystals
Using Crystals for Healing of Self and Others
Crystal Healing Techniques and Layouts

Delphi University Crystal Healing I
Three Day Intensive
All Lodging and Meals are included in the course fee.
Course Fee: $975

2022 Course Dates:
September 8-10

Charles Paul Curcio has been a gifted healer since he was a young boy. He began his spiritual studies as a young man and used these principles to become a successful entrepreneur. Charles is the founder and former CEO of Tire Kingdom, which has now become the world's largest tire and automotive service company. In 1996, he retired from his business to devote his life fully to healing, teaching, and service to God. In his work as a director and instructor at Delphi, Charles teaches healing and metaphysics, and has taught and introduced many new alternative healing therapies including Color and Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Sacred Language, and Laser Crystal Surgery. Charles is also the author of The New Day, An Autobiography, Entrepreneur's Guide, and Spiritual Primer. Charles and his wife Kimberly are Directors of the Church of Wisdom, and are the builders of the beautiful Temple of Wisdom Complex at Delphi.

Crystal Healing Set 33-Piece Set
All stones & crystals are hand selected and comes with a carrying pouch. Complete instructions on crystal healing layouts included.