Delphi Concord

Delphi is a Greek word that means Spiritual Womb. From within the spiritual womb of all of us comes forth the expression of love and healing.

The triangle represents The One and the many aspects of The One. When we express our love and healing, we take our place at the Apex of the triangle, and join with all others are at it’s base, serving to anchor the love and healing energy into the physical dimension.

The Circle represents all of us joined in an Eternal Circle of Light as Keepers of the Light on the physical dimension.

As the strength of our oneness and our triangle intensifies, our circle increases, strengthening the power of our triangle as our love and healing energies bond together as true expressions of The One!

The fabric of our symbol is called the Delphi Concord. Concord means an agreement of the heart, by which two or more harmonious sounds come together to create a concord. Our combined love and light express the Tone of Love and Healing on our physical dimension.

Delphi Concord

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