Natural Beauty of Delphi

In the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, Delphi is a Center for Transformation, Renewal, and Higher Order Agendas. The name Delphi means “Spiritual Womb,” the same as the center for wisdom and prophecy in ancient Greece.

The contemporary Delphi is located on one hundred and eighty acres of heaven on earth, and is a spiritual womb and haven for anyone who is searching for the most innovative and effective methodologies in spiritual and intuitive development, transpersonal psychology, metaphysics, and energy healing therapies.

If you’ve never been to Delphi, you will love the extraordinary energy and the beautiful and protected environment here.

Delphi is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest where the states of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina meet, nestled high in the heart of nature in the arms of Oak, Maple, and Hemlock trees, and surrounded by a rushing whitewater river.

Our beautiful natural surroundings provide the perfect environment where your spirit can find itself, and soar to new heights and new possibilities, and your intention and hopes can find fulfillment.

From the Temple mount, the highest point in Delphi, you can view the three states of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. At night the sky is clear, the stars are bright, and an occasional light ship has been spotted.

Our climate is temperate year round, never too hot and never too cold.

The high spiritual energies that operate here at Delphi allow students to accelerate their spiritual development and their personal growth and healing, as well as having deep and meaningful spiritual experiences.

The Delphi University campus sits upon deposits of copper and silver metals, on the site of the ancient Cherokee ceremonial grounds, healing passage, and the healing waters which run through it. Day and night you’ll hear the sounds of the river and its waterfalls flowing around the Delphi campus.

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