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Metaphysical Healing Training at Delphi University Four Schools of Healing

Begin and expand your spiritual healing training and development at Delphi University with our world-renowned In-Depth Channeling Course, Inner Sanctuary Training, Entura Spiritual Art Program, or our Connecting with Spirit Personal Holistic Healing Program.

Connecting With Spirit Weekends at Delphi

October 2-4

Healing Sanctuary, Workshops, Meditation, Private Appointments

Upcoming Classes & Events Schedule


3-5 Crystal Healing Part I
3-7 Entura Art 7
5-8 Crystal Healing Part II
7-11 Therapy Analysis
11-15 Entura Art 3
15-19 Entura Art 4
24-26 Inner Sanctuary Training


3-7   Advanced Channeling
7-11  Color & Sound Healing
11-17 Energy Healer Training
17-21 *Entura Art Integrated Healing
21-25 Entura Art 1
25-28 Entura Art 2
28-30 Entura Art Symbols & Interpretations 1
17-23 Spiritual Anatomy & Energization II
24-31 Holistic Healing System Graduation
3-5 RoHun™ I
5-11 RoHun™ II

*Prerequisite Energy Healer Training


7-14 In-Depth Channeling
14-18 Journey of the Soul
18-22 Relationship Dynamics/Male Female Healing
14-18 RoHun™ III
18-22 RoHun™ IV


12-13 Kryon/Lee Carroll Event