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Metaphysical Healing Training at Delphi University Four Schools of Healing

Begin and expand your spiritual healing training and development at Delphi University with our world-renowned In-Depth Channeling Course, Inner Sanctuary Training, Entura Spiritual Art Program, or our Connecting with Spirit Personal Holistic Healing Program.

Connecting With Spirit Weekends at Delphi

April CWS Cancelled   •   May 1-3    •    June 5-7

We regret to inform that due to the
Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided
to cancel CWS Weekend for the month of April.
We will tentatively keep the rest of the
year scheduled as usual. Thank you for
understanding during this time.

Healing Sanctuary, Workshops, Meditation, Private Appointments

Upcoming Classes & Events Schedule


Mar 28-Apr 4  In-Depth Channeling
Apr 4-6     Inner Sanctuary Training
Apr 6-10   Journey of the Soul
Apr 10-14  Relationship Dynamics/Male Female Healing
Apr 14-20   Yhandi Inner Child/Adult Healing
Apr 20-24   Therapy Analysis (Yhandi Grads)

Apr 4-10    RoHun™ Masters II


May 1-5   Entura Art I
May 5-8   Entura Art II
May 8-10 Entura Art Symbols & Interpretations I
May 28-30 Inner Sanctuary Training


May 30- Jun 6  In-Depth Channeling
June 6-10  Advanced Channeling
June 10-14  Color & Sound Healing
June 14-20  Energy Healer Training
June 18-25  CWS-Holistic Healing Program
June 6-8   RoHun™ I
June 8-14  RoHun™ II


July 26-31 RoHun™ Doctorate I