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Delphi University Schools of Healing, Channeling, and Metaphysics offer numerous Certification Programs, and Practitioner, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate level Degree programs in Energy Healing and Alternative Healing Methods, Metaphysics, Psychic Development, Spiritual Training, Entura Spiritual Art, and RoHun Transpersonal Spiritual Psychology. For over 40 years we have trained people from all walks of life to develop, refine, and reliably express their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, to grow, heal, and enrich their lives, and to help others. Class size is small, training is experiential, and our teachings are delivered in love, wisdom, and fun. Your experience at Delphi will be transformative and life-changing. We invite you to fulfill your highest and greatest potential here at Delphi University.

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Inner Sanctuary Training

Connect with your Spirit &
Create Your Sacred Space

Through Inner Sanctuary Training
you will:

Open and Expand your Spiritual Vision
Enhance your meditative experiences
Transform Negative Thoughts & Emotions
Receive healing & answers
from your Higher Self
Learn to love and feel good about yourself
Heal your Heart & Connect
with your powerful Mind
Receive Direct Answers
to solve life’s problems
Learn to manifest hopes and dreams
Revitalize & Energize your
connection with the Divine
2019 Dates

Feb 7-9 | Apr 6-8 | May 30-1
August 3-5 | September 19-21

Program Details

Delphi In-Depth Channeling
In-Depth Channeling

From the Arthur Ford Academy
The International School of Mediumship & Psychic Training Learn to become a Clear Channel of Love, Light, & Healing Since 1974, we have trained people from all walks of life to develop their Channeling, Healing, and Intuitive abilities with our unique and experiential training programs. Learn More...
Course subjects include:

Channeling Color Energies Developing Spiritual Senses Energy Healing
Energy Sensitivity & Perception Human Energy Fields, Subtle Bodies & Chakras Illness & Disease Initiate Training
Intuitive Counseling Meditation & Visualization Mediumship Past Life Regression
Photograph Reading Pranic Breathing PSI Investigation Psychic Reading
Psychic Training Sacred Sound Spiritual Art
Certification in Mediumship Awarded

2019 In-Depth Channeling Program Schedule:

   Feb 9-16   ~   March 30-Apr 6   ~  Jun 1-8 
Jul 27 - Aug 3   ~   Sept 21-28   ~   Nov 2-9

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Upcoming Classes & Events

In-Depth Channeling
July 27-Aug 3
Sept 21-28
Inner Sanctuary Training
Aug 3-5

The Temple of Healing at Delphi
Experience the Healing Energies of Delphi

Delphi University and School of Healing

Free Energy Healing Sessions on the first Friday of each month at 7:30pm
Everyone is welcome.

Luminara Wellness Center

Luminara at Delphi

The Luminara Wellness Center at Delphi offers cutting-edge Services designed to significantly add to your well-being.
Infrared Light Pad Therapy
Colon Hydrotherapy
Lotus Massage
Sound Chamber Therapy

Luminara Center
Luminara Center
Find out More about Luminara

Delphi Metaphysics Program
Metaphysician Studies

From the Patricia Hayes School
The School of Healing & Metaphysics

Expand your Practice as a Metaphysician,
Energy Healer, & Intuitive Counselor

Discover your True Self and your Life's Purpose

Metaphysician Master Metaphysician Doctor of Metaphysics
Advanced Channeling Mysteries of Soul Logos Spiritual Anatomy
Color & Sound Healing Male/Female Healing Reflective Etheric Healing
The Healing Mysteries Inner Child Healing Man's Spiritual Journey
Past Life Regression Ancient Mysteries Light Energization™
Distance Healing & more... Medical Intuitive
& more...
Energization Initiation
Holistic Healing System
Certification as a
Certification as a
Master Metaphysician
Certification as a
Doctor of Metaphysics
Program Details... Program Details...   Program Details... 

a Graduate's Tribute to Delphi Connecting with Spirit
Today is a very special Day… it’s Graduation Day….the Celebration Day. It is the Day that Spirit celebrates our evolution in awareness and consciousness. It is the Day that our amazing teachers celebrate our transformations. It is the day that our Souls dance in gratitude and joy celebrating us for answering the call to go deeper within, empowering our connection with God. It is the day where our hearts are filled with divine light celebrating our infinite desire to fulfill our Creator’s dream to come closer and closer to our vocation, our purpose, and our mission.
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The New Day The New Day
by Charles Curcio
Delphi University Psychic Healing Man of Light
Book & DVD
Kimberly Hayes Curcio

RoHun Therapy Training and Experience RoHun™ Therapy
Janice Hayes
Patricia Hayes Light From the Heavens The Light from the Heavens
Patricia Hayes
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Psychic Training and Paranormal Experience
RoHun Transpersonal Psychology Transpersonal Psychology

From the RoHun™ Institute

The Study of the Connection between
Body, Mind, & Spirit for balancing and healing

RoHun™ is a Magical Journey Within
to Discover and Be Your Greatest Self

What is RoHun™             RoHun™ Studies Overview

RoHun™ Therapist  Master of RoHun™ Doctor of RoHun™
RoHun™ Cards RoHun™ Origins RoHun™ Constructs & Valults
RoHun™ Purification 7 Visions of Self Tanks & Medical Relationships
Group RoHun™ Androgynous Process Spiritual Anatomy
RoHun™ Caged One Divine Mother Light Energization™
Certification as a
RoHun™ Therapist
Certification as a
RoHun™ Master
Certification as a
Doctor of RoHun™
Program Details   Program Details   Program Details

Find a Professional Healer near you
RoHun™ Therapists Our RoHun Professionals are Experts at
Healing Faulty Thoughts and Emotions
 Holistic Healers Our Holistic Healers are skilled in
Metaphysical Healing Techniques
 Entura Artists Entura Art professionals are spiritual healers skilled in using intuitive art across a variety of Complementary, Alternative, and Energy Healing Therapies

Healer Association Online Registration

University of
Self Knowledge
The Mystical Path
4-Week Self Enlightenment
Correspondence Course
$149 Includes your own personal mentor
Enroll Online

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Entura Art Transpersonal & Psychospiritual Studies

From the Entura Spiritual Art Institute

Discover the Power and Joy of Art as the Means of Intuitive Expression, Healing, & Spiritual Growth
What is Entura Art            
Entura Art Studies Overview

Entura Artist  Bachelor of Entura Art Master of Entura Art
Entura Art I – Intuitive Channeling and Clearing In-Depth Channeling Healing Mysteries
Entura Art II - Creative Zone Advanced Channeling Integrated Healing Arts
Entura Art III - Energy Attunement Channeling
Entura Art Symbols & Interpretation I
Entura Art Symbols & Interpretation II Entura Art VI - Advanced Art & Sound Therapy
Entura Art IV - Advanced Energy Attunement Channeling Entura Art V - Art & Sound Therapy
Certification as a Entura Artist B.A. in Transpersonal & Psychospiritual Arts M.A. in Transpersonal Healing Art Therapies
Program Details   Program Details   Program Details

The Temple of Wisdom
Delphi University and School of Healing
Visit our beautiful
Spiritual Temple
The Church of Wisdom Inc
PO Box 1119
725 Old Silvermine Rd
McCaysville, GA


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Delphi University offers Certification and Degree Programs in Spiritual Training, Complementary & Alternative Energy Healing, Metaphysics, Psychic Development, Spiritual Art, and Transpersonal Psychology through an extensive, experiential, time-proven, and knowledge-based curriculum. Spiritual healing therapies and techniques that empower healers and healing professionals, personal growth and healing, self-improvement, and spiritual enlightenment and empowerment is the mission and the purpose of Delphi University.

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